The Not Wedding : Not Your Average Bridal Show


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Traveling to the West End of Atlanta is not something I usually do, at night, by myself. But I was too excited about this incredibly unique event, that I got gussied up, and ready to wreck the town; actually to attend Atlanta’s hottest Bridal Event, “The Not Wedding”. As I parked on a dark street and made my way over broken sidewalks and potholes, ( in stilettos) I arrived at the door that seemed to be attached to a run down warehouse. Never judge a book by its cover. I didn’t and yet I was still blown away . Above the door read ‘Ambient+ Studios’ , and before I could read those two simple words, the door had been opened, and I was escorted  into a beautifully designed stairwell by an attractive young gentleman wearing a tuxedo. Although I had seen pictures of this event before: a faux wedding ceremony followed by a full reception with a catered dinner, beautiful cakes, boutique cocktails, and a band, I still had not envisioned such a classy and uniquely hosted event. Callie Murray, co-owner with her brother Aaron, of Achor & Eden Photography, started “The Not Wedding” in 2008, and it has been gaining exposure by the day. In their 5th year, Callie and her trustee group of exclusive and high-end (let’s call it ‘bridal couture’) vendors, worked together to surprise potential brides by giving them more than their $35 ticket was worth. Each Atlanta vendor, such as Buzzy Craftery (that designed the beautiful hanging bottles, flowers, and paper decorations on the way in), Four Inch Fold (vintage rentals, such as the church pews, vanities, chairs, typewriters and much more) , Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio (responsible for all of the unique flower designs), and Juli Vaughn Designs (tablescapes and awesome hanging floral embroidery wreaths), collaborated and transformed Ambient Studios into a Bride’s paradise. The hand-picked vendors were responsible for everything down to the makeup and hair of the “bride” and “bridesmaids. Raney O’Keefe , a highly talented freelance Atlanta makeup and hair artist , enhanced the beauty of the girls with wonderful a palette of peach and neutral brown and beige. This was the colour swatch for the event, and frankly the designers hit the nail on the head. Upon entrance, I received a high quality, embossed cardstock menu, and ceremony program. This was no Red Carpet Event, this was a Black Carpet Event! As the beautiful bride walked down the “sparkly black carpet” to meet her groom (her husband in real life, because that kiss was simply killer!) they were taken through a five-minute, poetic”spoken word” ceremony, and then the rest was history. Actually what followed was history in the making. Brides-to-be stepped up to the dinner spread, catered by the oh so wonderful Sun in my Belly Restaurant and Catering Co., greeted with mismatching authentic china plates and miso glazed salmon and chanterelle ravioli to top it off. We were all encouraged to step through the “Tunnel of Love” which is where the bride’s and their beaus would personally meet every vendor. Because of the inviting yet exclusivity of the event, The Not Wedding is loyal to their vendors, keeping only about 20 personally run companies, all with different expertise. A special Thank you to Robert and Tiffany from Rustic White Photography for providing all of the pictures for this blog post. As you can see, they are an amazing duo that knows how to capture the heart and soul of an event, not to mention their impeccable customer service!  I received a “Medium Brown Bag” (reusable) from Bloomie’s and filled it with the little goodies that were offered. Handmade organic beeswax lip balm by Raney, cute hair pins by Fine and Fleurie , and best of all, a wonderful picture keepsake from The Majestic Photobooth Co. (a vintage style photobooth company that was started 7 years ago, before photobooths were all the rage!)

Me and My date Ansley in The Majestic Photo Booth

I got to touch base with an acquaintance and now a friend, Sarah Esther with Sarah Esther Photography, who offers and incredibly unique service: Classy Boudoir Photography. She makes it possible for brides to give their husband a little “steamy” pic to put in their wallet!! I felt pampered, and secretly, I was not a Bride-to-Be. To end the event, ‘A Town A List’ brought us through the cupid shuffle and a new dance I learned, The Wobble. I have never been one for bands at a wedding but these guys are the ultimate entertainers. Both Lead Singers tag teaming it to everything from 70s Disco to Usher , while shuffling their feet to “Moves Like Jagger.” What a wonderful experience. Thank you Callie and your team for such a unique and rewarding experience. If you are from Atlanta or the Tri-State area, Orlando, or San Diego please give some love to these local vendors and hire them for your next event (it does not have to be a wedding!)

Do not forget to follow them on FB and Twitter. You can see a complete list of the vendors for Atlanta, Orlando, and San Diego here .


The Beauty of Hindsight


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Not often do I share my direct opinion or personal life on my blog, because frankly, It is a fashion blog! Today is a special day where I get to share with you (my readers) a quick insight into my brain, and heart.

A few weeks ago, I had been invited to be an “Official Hostess” of The Gathered Thoughts Link Party. The opportunity was extended to me by my best friend and incredibly succesful blogger, fashionista, and best of all, a fabulous mother of five. Kristin along with her creative/business partner  Chris Ann (read a little bit about them), have cultivated not just a website but a culture. The Love Feast Table  goal for today is to have women from all backgrounds grab quote cards from a unique conversation starter box called the “Gathered Thoughts Box.” and write about whatever they were feeling while reading the quote (check out the link to read and meet the other fabulous women bloggers as well as the Gathered Thoughts Box for purchase at a discount.)

Each Hostess was given 9 cards, one for ourselves and 8 for a few of our favourite bloggers and creatives. I chose the one (above) for myself, because I seemed to have gravitated toward it the most (yet still second guessed myself, hence the question mark in upper right hand corner!)

“Enjoy the Little Things. For one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  – Robert Brault 

Just like in fashion, in the present you have no idea what will move from a “trend” into a “staple.” Who knew at the beginning of the fashion emergence that things like  sunglasses, hats, shoes, the LBD, and many other fashion trends would later become the “norm?” Designers would eventually be making tons of LBD, unique lines of shoes and accessories. Clothing evolved from the “need” to cover up nakedness to a full blown obsession. Now Fashion rules the world.

On a personal note , this “prompt card” drove me to think long and hard about what was little to me then that has become an integral part of my life now.

Although I am in my mid twenties and have so much more life to live, learn, and enjoy, I do posses a bit of hindsight that I hope to impart to those that use me as a listening ear, and most of all, to my children (when I have some!)

Above is a notorious picture  of my sister  and me. We were around 3 and 4. That’s a travel “Conair” blow dryer in my hand styling my hair while Brittany basked in the fun of blowdrying her own hair, in a diaper, with a pacifier in her mouth. We were doing what we always loved to do:  Act like Fashionistas. I always said that one day, if i ever became “famous”, that would be the picture they show on the big screen when I achieve a goal or eventually pass away. It is a clear depiction of what we loved to do (my sister is now an amazing hairstylist, go figure!)

Oh the days of the Toys ‘R Us shopping sprees! My parents were so generous, and even in their state of financial need, they recognized that girls especially, need to exercise their creative passions. As soon as we entered those automatic doors, we would go straight for the Barbie aisle. I would choose a Disney Princess Barbie , or the Barbie you could put makeup on or cut the hair. Brittany did the same, while throwing in an animal activist Barbie such as the “Vet” Barbie with the little dog and stethoscope (#crunchygranola.)

After the Barbie aisle, we went straight for the kits of makeup marketed for young girls. It was the early 90’s so we were putting palettes of bright pink blush and intense blue eyeshadow on the register belt. We couldn’t help but to rip open the package the second we got  in the car while simultaneously painting each others faces. I was always slightly disturbed that the stupid “lipstick” didnt have enough pigment. By the time we reached home, I would have already broken into hives from the toy store makeup. My parents didn’t mind. They took me inside, washed my face, and moisturized it (maybe gave me a Benadryl.) They knew how much I enjoyed the toxic makeup, and only once (that I can remember) tried to “request” that I should not use it. Of course I did not listen and kept having them purchase me palettes. Eventually my loving mother would let me “shop” in the free “gift with purchase” bags of clinique (ewww…) and Estee Lauder lipsticks, mini blushes, and eyeshadow. I did much better with these.

My famous line as a child, in order to make my sister and friends let me paint their face, cut their bangs, and dress them was “Don’t worry, I’m a professional! I was not, till many years later.

As I grew into a teen, I seemed to have my older friends come and ask me what shoes went with what, shopping trips where they literally let me pick out their whole wardrobe. They had trust in me. Why? Im not sure , I guess because I had a passion for fashion and a good eye. I still look back on pictures and go “Why in the world would I ever wear that, ever?” But fashion and style changes with time, whether in your own life or on the Runway.

There are the “staples” that will be there forever. I’m still buying makeup palettes, this time from MAC and Sephora, (not the Toy store) and taking my friends and clients for personal shopping trips for makeup and clothing.

In hindsight, the biggest thought that comes to my mind is, when you feel a passion for something, go for it. You never know if it will be your biggest success in life. Your fulfillment is worth quitting that 9-5 (if it is not for you) and relying on your creative skill to get you through life, financially blessed and happy. HAPPY!! I am happy doing what I love.

Search your heart. Look back when you were a child, and asses what may have been the “small things” then and whether or not what you are doing now is the “staple” you want to exist for the rest of your life.

In my own words: “Go find that perfect Little Black Dress” It’s NEVER too late.



Adele for Vogue 2012: Makeup Tutorial


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As I checked out at the grocery store a few weeks ago, I glanced to the left to see Archie Comics, Readers Digest , and then my eyes settled on what they always settle on, beauty. Adele burned my eyes, as I admired her beauty (and makeup) on the cover of Vogue. She is the talk of the town, and not just because she won all 6 Grammy’s ; She is a Powerhouse and talented woman!

As a makeup artist, I love to recreate looks that I see on magazines, Pinterest, runways, and Vogue guides. I get my inspiration from those who have gone before me and tweak looks according to what I may prefer and what will make that look “my own.”

I know some of you may hate the photoshoping and contouring that has been done. But from doing shoots, I know that proper makeup application makes the shoot easier for the Photographer and Editor. Editors adjust face shape, nose size, and erase fine lines and pigmentation, but very rarely alter shadow, lashes, or lip colour. It is the job of the Makeup Artist to create perfection.

We are going to Breakdown Adele’s Makeup look so that you can accomplish it in a quick few steps AND know what products to buy.


“Hello Flawless” Foundation by Benefit $34. This is a fabulous NEW foundation by Benefit that is oil-free and has a beautiful, full coverage finish. It creates a glowing look, just like Adele (without, adding a highlighter on the center of face) Apply with foundation brush or fingers.

Cheeks : Smashbox “Step by Step” Contour Kit $45 . This is incredibly easy, all she is wearing is a “contour” to “create” cheekbones. You can use this wonderful kit to apply a highlighter (if you desire) and use the Taupe Colour below your cheekbones. To bring down the price ,  you can also just use whatever Taupe eyeshadow you desire.

If you have already defined cheekbones, just apply a bronzer to the apple of cheeks extending it toward ear.


Nars Eyeshadow Trio in “Douce France” $45 – This is the PERFECT trio for Adele’s Look. Three Easy Steps!

Use foundation on eyelids, and apply lightest shade in trio heavily on inner tear duct area and all over bottom part of lid (below crease).

Use 2nd shade toward outside area of eye (not extending past eyelid) in a v-shape coming up toward crease. Blend heavily inward, halfway across eyelid.

Use 3rd shade for the crease with a blending brush that has a slightly pointed tip. Apply darkest colour and , BLEND BLEND BLEND by using “wind shield wiper” movements, back and forth. We want NO hard lines , it should look like airbrushed eyeshadow.

Easy Peasy!!

Simple Liner : you can use any liquid liner brush or felt tip pen to create this “wing” look. Use liner from outside (where you create point) going inward, just about to tear duct. Apply as close to lash line as possible. The pointy wing end should point toward end of eyebrow (as high as you want!) If you need to adjust wing end, use a damp q-tip and “cut” whatever extra liner you don’t want.


This is where you can use some fabulous falsies or accentuate your beautiful lashes with a great mascara.

Believe it or not, the cheap (real not faux) strip lashes are the best and cost-effective ($4). Use Ardell or Revlon brand, and choose your “fullness.” They can be bought at any drugstore or grocery store.

My favorite : Ardell #33 “Wispies” (if they are too long , trim the end with cuticle scissors)

Great Mascara would honestly be from the drugstore as well, and many of you probably already have it. L’oreal “Luminous” in Carbon Black ($7-$9).

Apply normally while adding a little extra to your ends to accentuate the “wing out” effect.

And Finally Lips: 

Kat Von D “Painted Love” Lipstick in “Celebutard” $19 is probably one of my favorites as it glides on nicely, is not sticky or too dry feeling. This Nude Peach is all that Adele is wearing. No need for a lipliner , unless you need one, get one that is very light nude.

And that is all! Make sure to write a list to take into Sephora and Nordstrom and pick up your products! You can also order online if you do not have either store near you. All the links are connected to the “bold” titles. Just click and shop!

“I’m not afraid of anyone, the only personI’m ever afraid of is myself” – Adele

Please comment with your favorite products or questions!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012 : Runway Religion


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Backstage at Custo Barcelona MBFW 2012

I tend to live vicariously through those who attend Fashion Week all around the world. As I do my research around NY Fashion Week (to blog about the many beautiful up and coming designers,) I come across some pretty interesting things.

Considering myself a Humanitarian, as I have traveled the world to love on street children in India and the destitute in the Philippines as well as other parts of asia, I naturally gravitate toward anything that combines religion and philanthropy with High Fashion. It’s controversial and thought-provoking.

Most of the time people have the sneaking suspicion or hardcore belief that religious groups HATE fashion, think it is shallow and narcissistic, but I have come across quite an interesting story and have gotten a firsthand interview with Angela Nennie, PR for Designer Custo Barcelona . She is also the Fashion Liason for YWAM NYC.

YWAM is a Non Profit Organization, Non Denominational, Christian Based Humanitarian Organization, and the NYC chapter is loving on, and highly involved with the High Fashion industry.They are in no way trying to force religion on anyone but to simply give encouragement to the designers and models.

Angela Nennie for Custo Barcelona 2012

This MBFW, Angela and a few volunteers (makeup artists, fashion students, and YWAM students) all helped backstage to make Custo Barcelona’s Runway show  run like glass!

Here is a snippet from Angela and her experience with the models, designers, and what she thinks needs to change in the fashion industry.

‘Every Fashion Week, teams from Christian missions organization ,Youth With A Mission (YWAM), descend on New York from various regions of the country and the globe. They are young and beautiful, fashion savvy and fancy-free and yet against all odds, they are compelled by a force much greater than themselves.

Each season, the YWAM teams become interns for various fashion labels. This gives
them access to work backstage in varying capacities. Operating check-in services for
press and guests, dressing models, ushering and running errands are just some of the
ways that they become involved.

While serving in these positions, they are presented
with opportunities to share the message of hope with fashion professionals. They also take time to pray with industry people and encourage them. On many occasions, they’ve been granted direct access to the designers.

Organizing Runway Show for Custo Barcelona

One volunteer shared the following experience from the recent MBFW.

“I will never forget talking to designer, Mara Hoffman. The Lord told me to tell her that
He delights in her designs and that He watches her create these beautiful expressions
of art and loves every second of it! He wanted me to remind her that He opened these
doors into the fashion industry for her, so that his glory might be brought out in her
She was so pleased and shocked by the words that I spoke to her. These designers get
swarmed by people after the shows are finished, but I could tell that no one had ever
come up to her and said anything like what I had just spoken. As quickly as our
exchange of words happened, her assistant insisted that Mara need follow her away
from all of the backstage madness.”

Custo Barcelona 2012 Runway

If I was asked to use five words to describe the atmosphere at Fashion Week, I would
have to say Competition, Pride, Excess, Insecurity and Selfishness. That’s why it’s so important for Christians to be involved. With God’s presence comes Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness,Gentleness and Self Control. I speak from experience when I say that those are cravings of people working in such a competitive environment. My prayer is that by seeing such a contrast, fashion professionals will be jealous to be reconciled to God who delights in their creativity and designs.

Whether you believe in religion or not, these volunteers have hearts to encourage, not to push a product. I think this is pretty wonderful. Fashion is about creativity and a passion for the art.

Angela Nennie’s Information is below if you would like to contact her with any questions about MBFW. Please do not send any hateful comments her way, as she is a fashion activist and loves the industry.

Angela Nennie

Australia Born, NYC Residing Fashionista. PR Consultant for Custo Barcelona and Fashion Liason for YWAM NYC, who loves to have fun, don the latest fashion trends, and share her love for people.


Oscars Best Dressed : Then and Now


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Fashion will always stand the test of time. Dressing to “the nines” is nothing new. We are all incredibly aware that the Oscars are the time to pull out the big guns (in fashion, that is!) Every celebrity’s gown is chosen with “THE LIST” in mind. “Best Dressed” is for the fashion elite, and every year we see something new.

In Marilyn and Audrey’s day, it was all about dressing for the event, and those women did it well. They set the standard for what shows up on “The List” now.

Here are my faves from Oscars 2012 and Past

Rooney Mara Oscars 2012

 Rooney is Gorgeous in a double neckline, partial halter and sweetheart. Soft and frankly breathtaking : Givenchy Haute Couture

Audrey Hepburn Oscars 1950’s

Incredibly tailored and classic strapless Belted Floral Couture by :Hubert de Givenchy

Natalie Portman Oscars 2012

Vintage can walk the red carpet today, Natalie is beautiful in polka dots and a mini train-Vintage Dior

Marilyn Monroe Oscars 1951

I am in love with this magazine segment of Marilyn’s Oscar Chiffon Gown Taken from the Fox Costume Department (Saavy Fashionista)

Tina Fey

This natural beauty couldn’t have chosen a better gown! Neckline is perfect with her gorgeous collar bones and it is “Pleat” Perfect by: Carolina Herrera

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week : Makeup and Hair Trends


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Behind the Scenes : NY Fashion Week 2012

We all know that not only are the clothing trends set once hit the NYFW Runway, but we also get all of our information on whats “in” for makeup and hair.

Over the last week and on many runways, we have seen an array of different makeup looks emerging. Artists have been focusing on a very natural look with pale skin , light lips, and little shadow on the eyes. But we are also seeing the opposite: A solid dark lid, or a statement lip.

Nars Rodarte 2012

A Natural Look on the Runway 2012

As for hair, it is pretty simple. Long locks (how I wish I had the discipline to grow them!) If you have beautiful long hair, DO NOT cut it off. Grab some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($24) and let ’em loose.

Band of Outsiders : Flowing Locks 2012

I am loving that “backstage” is bringing variety to the main stage. We have a lot to choose from this spring!

Here are some more of my favorite looks.

                                               Jason Wu: Statement Lip 2012

                                Naeem Kahn : Balancing Eye and Lip color 2012

Von Furstenberg "Airy Updo" 2012

Marc Jacobs: Asymmetrical Bangs 2012

What were you’re favorite looks from NY Fashion Week 2012?

Valentines Gifting the Right Way


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Valentines Day is coming up and women generally have a hard time picking the proper gift for their significant other.

Here are some of my favorite gifts this year, and with 10 days left you can still find great shipping without paying extra for a rush!

For our stylish Men:

Cufflinks! If your man is the “classy entrepeneur” or just simply loves to dress up, a good set of cufflinks is a great gift.

OutoftheAshes on is great place to find a beautiful pair of handmade cufflinks. My favorite : Bullet Cufflinks ($24 – Free Shipping)

Gorgeous Folded Paper “Word” Cufflinks with sterling silver backing ($56) from

For our Liquid Enthusiast:

Alcohol is always a great gift, and I have learned a lot from my husband and his love for all things drinkable.

Grab a Personalized Bottle of (preferably “small batch”) Knob Creek Bourbon (about $35-$45 at your best liquor store). You will need to purchase a bottle of Knob Creek and Create the Personalized Label online .


For your beach bum beer Guy:

A pair of Reef “Fanning” Bottle Opener Sandals ($56) My husband has these and loves them. Great for summer coming up!

For your Musician:

Don’t they always yell “where is that damn pick i had in my pocket yesterday” Well hunny, it has already been mangled in the washer.

We can fix this with the handy-dandy “Pick Punch” ($25) . It is small enough to be carried in their guitar case, and when in a grind they can find one of those dumb key fobs from the gym they don’t go to anymore and punch two picks out of it. Voila! No more musician mishaps.

For the Technological and Artistic Man:

Choose a famous Andy Warhol Design Iphone Case. My pick, “Made With Care” Case love it! ($36)

And if these don’t suffice – Let your Man choose his gift. has created an amazing way of compiling a set of gift ideas. You go to the website, push “Get Started” and it takes you to the portion where you tell a little bit about your Man’s personality. They then list a bunch of wonderful and unique gifts. A book is created and shipped , your “other” picks his favorite gift and you submit the given gift code to Wantful. They then ship the gift to you. Talk about Door to Door service, and it will make your Beau feel incredibly loved!

Don’t forget a hug and kiss, and maybe some “steam” in the bedroom!

Happy Shopping! Let me know what you are going to get your Man.

Red Redemption : The Re-Emergence of the Red Lip


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Afraid to wear red lipstick? I am going to help you get over that. Everyone can wear a shade of red, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, you want to impress your Beau with a beautiful sultry lip.We are going to take red for Valentine’s Day from passe to stylish. The celebs are wearing it. Why can’t we ?

Men seem to gravitate toward the color red; It has also been proven to be the colour that evokes passion (and sometimes anger!), but passion is what we are going for. A perfect shade of Red can be painted on your bedroom walls to encourage more passionate intimacy. It is a strong colour, for a strong woman.

The lips and eyes are the focal point of the face, and with the re-emergence of the 1940s and 1950s, red has become the colour to wear.

The key to wearing red lipstick is finding the shade that compliments your skin tone.

“The secret to choosing the right red lip color is in the undertones. Pink-skinned girls should opt for cherry red. Those with olive skin can wear fire-engine red. Dark skin looks great with deep reds.” –

Many people complain “my red lipstick seems to bleed beyond my lip line.” There is an easy way to fix that! Lip Primer and a fabulous lip liner will help to keep the colour in the “lines” and preserve the depth of the Lipstick.

A great lip primer , which can be applied with your finger or with a concealer brush , ( make sure to get the inner part of lip) is Origins “Underwear for Lips” ($15). Great price for a product you can use under ANY lipstick.

Follow with a lipliner as close to the shade of the lipstick chosen. Line the outside of the lip and fill in the whole surface area with the pencil. This will help to preserve the pigment of the lipstick from fading and will help it last all night long!

My favorite Red Lipliners are:

Sue Devitt “Long Lasting Lip Liner” in Nadi a Terracotta shade, perfect for skin with a dark tone ($20 – love that Macy’s carries her brand. She is wonderful for liners for eyes and lips.) It has a brush end for precision application.

Pair with Guerlain Terracotta Gloss in “Tango” ($31)

Kevyn Aucoin (RIP) has a great set of lipliners. They are beautiful. The “Flesh Tone” set has a great bright engine “Red” liner, perfect for most red lipsticks and for olive tone skin ($24.) Do not be afraid to spend that much on a lipliner. His are highly pigmented and do not need to be sharpened often, making the most of your $24!

Pair with Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in “Raven” ($30)

MAC Lip Pencil in “Cherry” ($14) is the perfect shade for Fair skin. For the price , you can’t beat it! Soft and easily applied.

Pair with Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in “Cherry Ice” ($9 YAY! – don’t hate on Revlon, they make great lipsticks)

For the fashionista : Let’s try something NEW . A dark rouge lip!

Rooney Mara has sported this look on many red carpet events and in the new issue of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Cover for March 2012. This look will grab people’s attention in a good way, an envious way. “Wow she looks so great in that lipstick, I could never wear that!”


Guerlain Rouge Automatique Holiday in Nuit d’Amour ($36 – Limited Edition for Valentine’s Day. GET IT NOW!!)  Complimentary to All Skin Tones but best on Fair and Dark Skin.

Please comment and let me know what your favorite red lipstick is!

Doo.Ri For Macy’s


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February is a huge month for fashion. With Jason Wu’s collaboration with Target, which debuts Superbowl Sunday the 5th, we are also sitting on the edge of our seat for Doo-Ri Chung’s Impulse line: 33 pieces designed for Macy’s (of all department stores,) showing up on the shelves on February 15th.

Doo-Ri's Sketches are Some of My Favorites

Personally I could not be more excited as Doo.Ri has become one of my favorite designer within the last year (refer to my previous article about how she started.) I will now be able to afford (without blowing up my credit card) a few of her gorgeous pieces. “…(which) will include her signature draped jersey, knitwear, and art-inspired prints on short and maxi-length dresses, leggings, blouses, and trench coats, priced $39 to $159.”

“I think the customer might be the same,” Chung said, “I think their salaries might be different, and I think that’s what was exciting for me — I want to dress a modern woman, and if I can give them a different price point, then that’s great.” Doo- Ri

Check out a bit of her lookbook for Macy’s here.

Make sure you get to your nearest Macy’s on the 15th to get a hold of this highly anticipated collection. Beware to fight some crazed shoppers off for your favorite piece!

Crime of Fashion : Melanie Pullen and High Fashion Crime Scenes


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I don’t know about you, but the intrigue of crime has been an interest of mine, when i stopped being afraid of the reality of it “happening to me.” I find myself glued to my couch as I watch Dateline, 48 hours, and others with real life footage. I usually do not like reenactments, as you cannot see the true story. But Melanie Pullen, a self-taught LA based photographer, who found her niche in her teens while shooting the earliest shots of The Black Keys and other now famous bands has created a reenactment that I actually think is quite beautiful. She is widely published and well-known as an “envelope pusher” with her controversial work.

I really don’t enjoy Carson Daly, but as i was decompressing from my day at 1:30 am, I was excited to see her segment and automatically decided her work needed to be written about, even more! (Check out Link)

Melanie Pullen on Carson Daly

“I’m a selfish person when I create art, I’m creating it for myself…then I have to give it away.” – Melanie Pullen

Her most recent work is a collaboration of vintage crime scene photos , collected from the LA County Coroner’s office, and reenacted into haute couture scenes of women in their time of death. Somehow, in a disturbing and real way, she makes it utterly beautiful. I will spare you the most gruesome shots, but you can always view them in her recently published 128 page book called “High Fashion Crime Scenes.”

My Favorite

Pullen’s goal, in this particular project, was to combine art, passion, and couture into an amazing spread of telling pictures. And she has done it well: Artistically and esthetically.

“Prior to the 1950s the nature of criminal photographs was fundamentally different from their present clinical form. Given the complexity of cameras earlier in the century, most crime scene photographers had both artistic and professional experience with an eye for composition, lighting, and drama. – From Melanie Pullen’s Bio

That is what she has emulated and successfully done.

Crime is either the outward expression of those who have “a few screws loose” or, crime is that of a passionate response to a need to fulfill, complete, or create a picture that plagues the brain.

I believe crime footage is so telling of the people who commit the deed. A door that opens to reveal why.

Fashion comes in all different shapes and forms and we should not , and WILL NOT box it in. Everything in the artistic mind is open for interpretation. Something may be beautiful to me and ugly or scary to you. That is what makes artists so unique: the difference in the definition of what is pleasing and beautiful.

Look out for her upcoming project called “Haunted” ,The exploration of the moment before death.