About the Bitch

My name is Brielle Brenner and I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I am a freelance Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician. I like to work for myself, so I have quit my jobs and am pursuing a career with me myself and I. Creating this blog is to help me unload all the ideas that go through my head a million miles a minute. I want share with you the most important things in my life, makeup, fashion, and photography. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share my information with your friends and email questions.



5 thoughts on “About the Bitch”

  1. your doing great work. Keep it up!

  2. Joy Reinhardt said:

    Keep posting, love following you. Love you Bird!~

  3. Kelli Renken said:

    So, you’ve become a writer. = )

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