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Hües Black Woven Link Bracelet – Max and Chloe ($178 ea.)

 A DIY tutorial! 

I hope you’re excited, because in a matter of minutes you can make an identical “twin” of the Max and Chloe Chain Link Bracelets above , as well as the almost $500 Woven bracelet by renowned designer Aurelie Bidermann !

If you have not noticed the “Chain Craze”, than I’m not too sure you have left your house. Chain Link Bracelets are all the rage, and being seen on celebrities, runways, and in accessory designers’ collections all over the world.

Here are two tutorials by amazing blogger, Jenni from ISPYDIY , as well as the girls from Honestly…WTF DIY website. The 4 step process and 5 elements needed, make me sure you (and I) can make 1, or 2, or 10. THESE BABIES ARE STACKABLE!

 Tutorial Here for the Max and Chloe Bracelet 

Sneak Peek (but click link above for directions):

photo credit : ISPYDIY.com

These DIY’s are way too much fun, and too simple to pass up. 20 minutes on your couch at night (or whenever you like to hang out,) is enough time to make at least 1 bracelet. With a little braiding ability, and some great colour choices, your self-made, designer duds will be blinding all the jealous fashionistas wondering how you afforded such an expensive accessory!

Aurélie Bidermann bracelet

Aurélie Bidermann bracelet $441

Try this beautiful Bracelet! It’s quite the ShowStopper and also quite pricey. You can literally use the EXACT same quality products (especially because this is not authentic Gold- but gold brass VERY INEXPENSIVE ) and make an identical chain bracelet for about $20.

Tutorial Here Courtesy of the girls at Honestly…WTF 

Sneak Peek :

Photo Credit : Honestly…WTF !

If you do not have a jewelry supply store near you, the best to place to find what you need for both bracelets is to search Etsy under “thick curb chain” or “Curb Chain Bracelet” (if you do not want to add the clasp yourself.) You can pick any color chain, size (necklace maybe?), and make it vintage if you want! The same goes for the for the Suede and Cotton embroidery string (pick some fun colours) and Findings (clasps etc.)

Make sure you follow Jenni from ISPYDIY , on FB , Pinterest, and Twitter and/or Purchase her wonderful book HERE.

And Also give some love to the wonderful girls at the DIY website Honestly…WTF ! Follow them on FBPinterest, and Twitter !

Happy “Doing it yourself” Time (that sounds way too inappropriate, but , hey!?)

Loves, Fashionisabitch