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Grey Nubuck Leather Camille Clutch $325 (sold here)

The airport is the best “People Watching” spot that exists (if that’s your kind of thing!) As a makeup artist and fashion junkie, I can carry 4 bags, dig through my vintage clutch to find my ID (amidst the million lip glosses and receipts,) check in, go through security, find my gate and grab a coffee, all the while sub-consciously absorbing the beautiful, hilarious, and enamoring clothing and accessories worn around me

Going through security is a pain, but that’s when you see all the goods. Shoes! Handbags! Everyone needs to remove their shoes and empty their purses to get to the other side.

While exiting the “body scanner”, a lady behind me apologized for her mass amount of stuff that was causing a traffic jam on the security belt. No need to apologize, lady!! Her handbag was a jaw dropping, mouth-watering spectacle of all things DONE RIGHT! (below)

THE BAG “Peacock Bedford Kate” $395 (sold here)

I couldn’t put my finger on what designer it was, so after a quick exchange of questions: where she was headed (LA) and what she did for a living (built movie sets), I couldn’t help but compliment her on the teal “slouch” double strapped , creamy leather bag she was carrying.

Trying out my (usually spot on) “Price is Right” guessing ability, I asked what designer it was. “MZ Wallace” she answered. Hmmm, never heard of that, which usually means (for this budget fashionista) that it was too expensive for me to even KNOW about. I took a wild guess at the price. “Probably runs about $11, $1,200 (waving my hand back and forth, in a “give or take” motion to make it a safe guess.) I failed. Her response was wide-eyed and smiley and frankly made me happy, as she stated that her husband bought it for her in NY and it was around $450.

Snake Print Ava Tote $225 (on SALE Here)

That’s when I pulled up MZ Wallace on my trusty Iphone just to swoon over the bags while waiting for take off! Not sure (as a native New Yorker) how I managed to miss such an eye catching, quality built, and budget friendly accessory!

MZ Wallace was created in 2000 by two born and bred NYC friends Monica and Lucy. The duo , both artists and hyper-successful self-made business women, collaborated their creativity and fashion knowledge that took their concept of a “luxurious and utilitarian” handbags to a worldwide “carry-on” cult . (Read their whole story here)

Flagship Store in Soho (more locations here)

What a wonderful MZ has done! They are constantly growing as a company with two flagship stores, SOHO NYC (and two other stores in NY), and one in Tokyo, Japan. Best Rof all, they have catered to the point, click, and ship shoppers by offering online purchasing as well as placements in 4,000 exclusive boutiques around the globe!

Warning: Looking too closely at this website will cause money to fall out of your bank account (because you will buy 3 bags, and not just 1). Proceed with caution!

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