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I’ve said this before, but I shall tell you all again. I LIVE AT THE COFFEE SHOP. Or should I just say that I pay $2.15 per day for my office space. My coffee shop exclusivity only extends to a very few shops in Atlanta. Criteria: it needs to have the right energy  AND the right people.

As I sat on the floral patterned couch here at Hodge Podge Coffee House, I suddenly realized it was already 4:00pm and counting. ” I HAVE TO WRITE” I told myself, but after a wedding weekend with old friends and limited social networking, my best friend came for a visit . Her name is writers block.

Glancing to my left was a hip Redhead with tattered jeans, a purse slung over her shoulder, and a Cafe Mocha (I think.) I talk to everyone already, so I figured she’s probably around 16-17 , and although my readers are an older demographic, I figured some of the most honest answers come “from the mouth of babes.”

I turned and asked her what her name was : Maret (awesome name) . I asked if she would help me with something and then went into a dissertation of what I do and asked her ” If you could think of anything you would want to learn about fashion or makeup , right now, what would it be!?”

Simple Winged Liner – Straight Across with a Slight Upward Angle

“How to wear wings with eyeliner, and make them the same on each eye!” She answered. Well this chick just rocked my world. I wear “wings” everyday. I have decided it’s ok for me to have a “staple” or comfortable look. Winged liner will never go out of style. Check out my Pinterest to really understand my obsession with the wing!

We exchanged FBs , and Instagram names and I told Maret to look out for her “closeup.” The article is in fact inspired by her. Thanks Maret for saving me from that evil friend that visits so often.

A Dramatic Wing That Stays Consistent in Thickness

Lets talk Wings.

Most people have a problem with how to accomplish the “wing” or “cat eye” look. But it is simple. I say that with a grain of salt, as it is only “simple” with the right instructions.

First you need to branch out and TRY that liquid liner, a good one that wont smudge, My favorite you can see here. Throw the fear of “the wing” out the window. No worries, a Q-tip can fix any mess!

One of our eyes is always different from the other. Start with the one that gives you the most difficulty in applying liner or shadow.

The fool-proof way to create a “wing” effect is to use a black or brown pencil liner FIRST, and use it ONLY to make a mark for where you want the wing to go.

Choose One! Great Liner Ideas

Make sure it has a decently sharpened tip on it, and begin by placing the tip, aiming at an angle towards the end of your brow, start as high up or as “curved” as you want the wing to be, and draw the pencil in a LIGHT motion inward and down to the base of the lashline.

Look at where the wing-end aims toward your brow, and repeat it on the “easy” eye. If you feel as though its uneven, Cut with a q-tip (use one dry or wet, and draw it upward on bottom-side of wing line to draw the wing to a sharper point.)

Now use your black liquid liner and trace over the pencil “outline” . Some people feel more comfortable with a brush tip liquid liner and some with a felt tip. It is up to you. But if you have not tried liquid before, a felt tip might be easier.

Take the liquid and apply just like you did the pencil liner but with an even hand movement, and in one fell swoop toward the lashline.

Try This Advanced Hyper-Angled Wing that Extends On the Bottom Lashline

NOW , with any other style of eyeliner application you don’t want to stretch out your eyelid, but it is easier, when using liquid, to make the straight line across the lid area when the lid is stretched outward, after the wing has been applied. Wing, connect, then draw line toward tearduct.

Start with a thin line as close to lashline as possible (gently push the tip of liner into the lashline and across) go over it and thicken the line as much as you want. Let dry.

Sometimes you will have to adjust the outer wing with a q-tip and make it straighter , more curvy, or shorter and a more triangular shape. When the wing is done being applied then add those touch ups.

Easy Peasy, Ladies! Go for it , and give yourself some time to make it work. But rock the socks off of it! Wing liner is simple and you do not have to add eyeshadow to make it a “complicated” look. The wing does it all for you.

Thanks to Maret for being my Muse!

Please comment with any questions!!