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Swimwear for All Body Shapes

Ladies! I know sometimes it can be hard to feel “beautiful” in a swimsuit. I have dreaded the swimsuit “hunt” for the last three years as I have battled with weight fluctuation and have kept wearing my 5-year-old two-piece (that no longer fits,) covering it up with a tank top (DONT DO THIS.) I created this collage essentially for myself and realized it was perfect for the rest of my Real Women readers!

    Some real women can wear a Brazilian Bikini and look great. Us busty ladies shall be proud of our bussoms and wear that heart-shaped halter while, my gorgeous curvaceous women should feel comfortable in a two-piece. There is truly a suit for everyone!

I couldn’t help but throw in a few maternity swimsuits, because I want to encourage the “soon to be ” moms  that they too can be a fashionista. A baby bump is the most beautiful accessory.

    Be proud of your curves , thighs, your rock hard abs, your beautiful blossomed bust, and that wonderful baby bump. And for those who are a little self-conscious about the tummy (like me,) there are amazing one piece swimsuits available as they are so prevalent in todays style “closet!”

    Frumpy no more! Have FUN choosing your swimsuit. No one can make you feel inferior or not beautiful – UNLESS YOU LET THEM! Show the haters who’s boss!

Do not feel guilty shelling out $100 or a tiny bit more on an awesome fitting suit. Make the investment; These classic suit choices are a great addition to your summer wardrobe and will last you quite a while without ever making you feel “so last year!”

Buns of Steel – Brazilian Bottom Bikini : Shake what yo mama gave ya- show me what you’re workin with!

 Poko Pano white bandeau bikini
$158 – couturecandy.com
The Bathing Beauty- Have those curves? Show ’em off with a mini skirted bottom and great support halter and heart-shaped neckline.

$90 – modcloth.com
Amazon Abs- Do you love your abs?! You should. This is a great feminine, peachy ruffled bathing suit with a great top and teeny tiny bottom! Love.

River Island hipster bikini

$18 – asos.com

 Surfer Chick – Need something to prevent “nip slips” when you’re waxing that board and surfin’ those killer waves!? No worries, Free People has you covered with a gorgeous one piece. Not only practical but unique with a creative pattern and cap sleeves.

Free People one piece swimwear
$130 – freepeople.com
 Bathing Beauty 2-Piece Aren’t we excited! Join the “no judgement” zone and rock this 2-piece in an awesome emerald colour with a high-waisted, retro style skirted bottom and again, more support for those “girls” with a halter top. Comes in sizes 16-28!!

Esther Williams retro swimwear
$90 – modcloth.com
 My Bettie Page Girls- Who wouldn’t want to be covered in lace ?! This suit makes me excited to wear a one-piece. It is a necessary addition whether you “only” wear two pieces or not. Heart neckline, halter, and high cut bottom to accentuate any leg shape.

Vintage swimwear
$100 – modcloth.com
Proud Mom- Show off that baby bump! Sure, you could wear a regular two piece, but that skimpy bottom might just sneak right down to your ankles. We don’t want you popping out of a wave with more than your belly showing! It has a reversible coloured “tummy band” to roll up or down depending on what’s most comfortable! Great colour combo and fun for those who are going on a baby celebration vacation.

Bikini swimwear
$74 – seraphine.co
Sport That Belly in Style- This a wonderful maternity suit if you prefer a one piece. The pattern is a grey and white zig zag to add some fun to what would usually be a solid bathing suit. Pregnancy is a time to celebrate… Pack a punch with this swimsuit as that baby of yours punches you in the ribs. #gottaloveem

Halter Maternity One Piece Swimsuit
$100 – apeainthepod.com
HAVE FUN!!! My choices- Poko Pano (full bottom) two-piece and the Lace Vintage One-Piece!