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Abby (bottom right) Hoola Hooping with Friends

A few weeks ago I attended an “open movement” dance class with about 50 others part of our local art community at The Goat Farm here in Atlanta. One of those people was a wonderful girl named Abby Carney. My dear friend, Erin, brought her to the GloATL class to dance the afternoon away, flailing ourselves around in the “deep-sea of our emotions!” I loved it, and at first sight I loved Abby. She was wearing a hair piece, a skirt, and winter lace up boots. My kinda girl.

I struck up conversation with her when she asked what else she could wear with those boots, and how to transist them into a Spring staple. Erin and I started offering up opinions and came to a conclusion: dresses, cropped pants were the necessary articles to wear with the infamous boots.

As I talked to Abby about what she did for school and for a living, we immediately connected heart to heart. As she is finishing up school for Journalism in a few weeks (yay), I figured I would extend a fun opportunity to offer some fashion advice to my readers. She is truly a visionary and creative. Her outfits say ” I never hold back, I wear what I want!”

I received incredible inspiration from her following article!

When I was a kid, I was very much a tomboy. For quite a while, I favored overalls, bandanas,
cargo pants, and sneakers . Thankfully I outgrew that phase and
the “trying to fit in” mentality most people go through in high school. Really, I think
life is just made up of a million little unique chapters we go through, and the point
is to just thoroughly enjoy whichever one you’re in.

In high school I always felt
“bohemian” urges and wore many scarves and headbands, but I was too nervous to
fully embrace my true self aesthetically and otherwise. College and urban living
allowed me to blossom into the bohemian hipster baby I admit to being much of the
time now. I’m not afraid to try something new or different. If it makes me happy,
I put it on and wear it proudly. I no longer look at labels or sizes. I simply wear
what feels good and what makes me smile.

Paradoxical to my general boho look, I
also gravitate towards neutrals. I can’t get enough of black, white, navy, and gray.
My closet is filled with white blouses and beige accessories. I shopped at thriftstores before it was cool, and that’s the solid truth. I attended an exclusive private
school, so my mother taught me to be nonchalant about my scavenged treasures.
She certainly trained me in “advanced deal hunting” at an early age. At the same time, I also believe in
quality . It is rare to find me perusing the H&M’s or Forever 21’s of the world.
They make cute things, but they are disposable at best. If I am going to veer from
my usual thrifting stops, it probably means I’m shelling out a little cash at Banana
Republic or Gap to purchase a tried and true wardrobe staple.

It would be impossible to pinpoint my inspiration. I am endlessly fascinated by
everything, and I feel that my outward aesthetic is a way of expressing that. I adorn
myself with objects that captivate me: Like an urchin drawn to shiny baubles, I
am mesmerized by colors. The more the better. If I ruled the world, we would see
everything in Technicolor. Life would float by like a psychedelic swirling twirling
undersea octopus’ garden in the shade. Did I get carried away? That’s what I
seek to express. I think you can grasp that just by looking at me sometimes.


Cassie from "Skins" BBC

 Your clothing really acts as an outer mood ring. Moods can be as varied as a rainbow, so never pigeonhole yourself. As far as a muse in human form, my fashion inspiration is Hannah Murray, who portrays the character Cassie on the British television series Skins (above). Something about her style and personality enraptures me and I feel kindred to her spirit and fashion. That’s about it. There are no hard and fast rules in my world but this old cliché—don’t ever dare be anyone who is not totally and earnestly you. Comparisons are futile. I roll out of bed each day and think to myself, “What adventures we’ll have today.” Dress yourself for the day’s adventure.

Abby is a freelance scribe in ATL, freshly graduated from Georgia State and actively exploring every nook & cranny of her hometown before taking on the world. Find her on her purple bicycle, running these city streets, in coffee shops, with her nose in a book, or perched up high in a tree.

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