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To my readers who happen to be Men ,  (a demographic i would like to appeal to more often) , I have carefully picked some items I believe are perfect for the YOU this spring.

There are so many trends flying around at the moment, that it may be hard to find where your style and the runway’s style begins and ends. No worries! Below is a combination of brain racking and 4 hours of research, picking and choosing the best of the best.

Most of my inspiration for Men’s fashion comes from my husband. He is a fashion forward male with swagger (that’s kinda why I married him!) I love watching him pick out clothes. I enjoy sitting at the coffee shop in ATL and scanning the guys “who just don’t give a ‘what’ “as they walk by wearing the clothes they picked from their laundry pile last night. Mix that with the runway and you have “real life fashion.” ‘Street Couture’ If you must.

We have two outfits or “styles” from which you can take inspiration and create a combination you love, or purchase the items that are listed.

The first Style is what I am calling the ‘Modern Mad Man’

Let’s just say right now, that a suit is no longer something you just wear to work . You wouldn’t believe how appropriate this suit would be (paired with the following accessories) to wear to any afternoon/night event including birthdays, weddings, and best of all, a date. It is a lightweight, perfectly tailored 2-button blazer, and a flat front, tapered skinny trouser. I would like to wear this if I could. It’s that beautiful.
Band of Outsiders Solid Skinny Tie
$125 – barneys.com
You might think , “Brielle , what the hell are you thinking?” when I pair this beige tie along with the lightest blue Seersucker Suit you’ve ever seen. I am doing this! You ARE going to wear this tie with that suit. It is perfect. Keeping with the ‘Modern’ take on a Mad Men style outfit, this skinny tie is the perfect addition to whatever shirt you would wear under it . Love Love Love.

Every fashion forward male knows what a Tie Clip is. If you do not, I am sorry , but you are fired; officially. If this is the first tie clip you have seen, you’re in luck, because it is so beyond fun. Bullets, Shells, and Guns are being seen everywhere in the underground fashion scene. This trend has not been “washed” yet, but because of the witty and fun design of all things weaponry, it soon will. So wear it while you still can. Then again, most people are afraid to wear anything different from their “Fraternity” motto tie clip, you may truly be the only one on the block with this “little buddy”.
 Bamboo Shades: Now we’re talking!  Eco friendly, (as bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world) and what innovative designer would NOT think to use this material to create a wonderfully sturdy accessory? Don’t cringe at the price, as sunglasses are an essential part of your “get up” all year-long! The Dark Brown Bamboo and square frames make Ray Bans look like a thing of the past.

This watch is rockin’. Everyone will be “green with envy.”  With the monochromatic beige and browns, you will need this pop of color. As your shake hands with your buddies, slap your significant other’s bottom, or wave your hands in the air “like you just don’t care,” this sweet piece of bling will emerge and blind people, in such a pleasurable way. You will be asked a million times where you purchased that thing. Keep the secret , just tell them “I know people.”

$100 – neimanmarcus.com
Nothing like a comfortable, beachy, feel like your walking in your bare feet, pair of Toms to finish the ensemble. These are Herringbone Classic Tom Style Slip-ons. If you know anything about me, my pinterest, my instagram, you would realize how much I love these shoes. I recently garment-glued mine back together. I have had them for four years and will never find my “one of a kinds” again. Get these! Even if you just wear them with jeans, Toms are so versatile : This pair will take the suit from “I’m at work” to  “yeah I wear this kind of stuff everyday.”

The Second Style is a straightforward “Street Ready” outfit

Victorinox Clipper Hooded Windbreaker
$175 – bloomingdales.com
Windbreakers? What is it 1988 again? Yes, in fact it is, but in 2012. Fashion is cyclical and we are wearing what we wore when we were teenagers, just 100x classier. White is the “color” for spring/summer . I get scared when I wear white, but a windbreaker is different. They are usually waterproof, so “gon brush your shoulders off” No worries about stains. This Hooded ‘breaker is light enough to wear throughout the next few seasons. Wear it in the beachy breeze, or around the awesome fire pit all your friends will be dancing around.

I am in love with the street artist Shepard Fairey , He is responsible for the stencil tagging of Andre the Giant lining the streets of  LA, NY, and the rest of the world. He is the brain behind ‘Obey’ the brand, and frankly, their clothing is a high fashion take on ‘street.’ Love this T-shirt sporting the stenciled     ‘Andre’ and the key word: OBEY you must and purchase this shirt,

Dockers® Dockers Slim Fit Khaki Pants
$59 – bloomingdales.com
You are either the guy who has 1 pair of jeans that have existed since middle school and despite the holes you cannot part with them, or you’re the guy who has so many pairs of jeans he can’t fit them in his closet and dresser combined! Let’s change that. Some men on the runway are wearing pastel yellows, greens, or neon purple pants, but I will not do that to you. It took me an hour to find a pair of colored khakis that were “none of the above.” Surprisingly, these Teal Slim Fits happen to be Dockers. But who can hate on such a ‘wise old sage’ of a company , they obviously know what they are doing. These pants are a must have.

Obey Obey Salty Dog Snapback Hat
$34 – urbanoutfitters.com
Cut and Dry. Men look good in hats. This again is an OBEY hat. The grey balances with the shirt and is a great combination with the shoes below. There is not much else to say but go ahead with your bad self.

Ben Sherman Mayfair Canvas
$105 – piperlime.gap.com
Excuse me- Move aside as this hunk comes through the crowd in his so fresh and so clean, crisp , white Canvas dress-up dress-down shoes. I think I like men’s fashion as much as I do women’s because I am about to purchase these…for my hubby. “Fresh” that’s all. You want to be the ultimate Fashionisto ? Pull out your dusty Shoe Cleaning Kit (the one you used to use for your air-force ones) and keep these suckers RIGHT.
That’s about all gentlemen. I would like some feedback on what you think about these outfits and what you would wear or what you would add!!