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Not often do I share my direct opinion or personal life on my blog, because frankly, It is a fashion blog! Today is a special day where I get to share with you (my readers) a quick insight into my brain, and heart.

A few weeks ago, I had been invited to be an “Official Hostess” of The Gathered Thoughts Link Party. The opportunity was extended to me by my best friend and incredibly succesful blogger, fashionista, and best of all, a fabulous mother of five. Kristin along with her creative/business partner  Chris Ann (read a little bit about them), have cultivated not just a website but a culture. The Love Feast Table  goal for today is to have women from all backgrounds grab quote cards from a unique conversation starter box called the “Gathered Thoughts Box.” and write about whatever they were feeling while reading the quote (check out the link to read and meet the other fabulous women bloggers as well as the Gathered Thoughts Box for purchase at a discount.)

Each Hostess was given 9 cards, one for ourselves and 8 for a few of our favourite bloggers and creatives. I chose the one (above) for myself, because I seemed to have gravitated toward it the most (yet still second guessed myself, hence the question mark in upper right hand corner!)

“Enjoy the Little Things. For one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  – Robert Brault 

Just like in fashion, in the present you have no idea what will move from a “trend” into a “staple.” Who knew at the beginning of the fashion emergence that things like  sunglasses, hats, shoes, the LBD, and many other fashion trends would later become the “norm?” Designers would eventually be making tons of LBD, unique lines of shoes and accessories. Clothing evolved from the “need” to cover up nakedness to a full blown obsession. Now Fashion rules the world.

On a personal note , this “prompt card” drove me to think long and hard about what was little to me then that has become an integral part of my life now.

Although I am in my mid twenties and have so much more life to live, learn, and enjoy, I do posses a bit of hindsight that I hope to impart to those that use me as a listening ear, and most of all, to my children (when I have some!)

Above is a notorious picture  of my sister  and me. We were around 3 and 4. That’s a travel “Conair” blow dryer in my hand styling my hair while Brittany basked in the fun of blowdrying her own hair, in a diaper, with a pacifier in her mouth. We were doing what we always loved to do:  Act like Fashionistas. I always said that one day, if i ever became “famous”, that would be the picture they show on the big screen when I achieve a goal or eventually pass away. It is a clear depiction of what we loved to do (my sister is now an amazing hairstylist, go figure!)

Oh the days of the Toys ‘R Us shopping sprees! My parents were so generous, and even in their state of financial need, they recognized that girls especially, need to exercise their creative passions. As soon as we entered those automatic doors, we would go straight for the Barbie aisle. I would choose a Disney Princess Barbie , or the Barbie you could put makeup on or cut the hair. Brittany did the same, while throwing in an animal activist Barbie such as the “Vet” Barbie with the little dog and stethoscope (#crunchygranola.)

After the Barbie aisle, we went straight for the kits of makeup marketed for young girls. It was the early 90’s so we were putting palettes of bright pink blush and intense blue eyeshadow on the register belt. We couldn’t help but to rip open the package the second we got  in the car while simultaneously painting each others faces. I was always slightly disturbed that the stupid “lipstick” didnt have enough pigment. By the time we reached home, I would have already broken into hives from the toy store makeup. My parents didn’t mind. They took me inside, washed my face, and moisturized it (maybe gave me a Benadryl.) They knew how much I enjoyed the toxic makeup, and only once (that I can remember) tried to “request” that I should not use it. Of course I did not listen and kept having them purchase me palettes. Eventually my loving mother would let me “shop” in the free “gift with purchase” bags of clinique (ewww…) and Estee Lauder lipsticks, mini blushes, and eyeshadow. I did much better with these.

My famous line as a child, in order to make my sister and friends let me paint their face, cut their bangs, and dress them was “Don’t worry, I’m a professional! I was not, till many years later.

As I grew into a teen, I seemed to have my older friends come and ask me what shoes went with what, shopping trips where they literally let me pick out their whole wardrobe. They had trust in me. Why? Im not sure , I guess because I had a passion for fashion and a good eye. I still look back on pictures and go “Why in the world would I ever wear that, ever?” But fashion and style changes with time, whether in your own life or on the Runway.

There are the “staples” that will be there forever. I’m still buying makeup palettes, this time from MAC and Sephora, (not the Toy store) and taking my friends and clients for personal shopping trips for makeup and clothing.

In hindsight, the biggest thought that comes to my mind is, when you feel a passion for something, go for it. You never know if it will be your biggest success in life. Your fulfillment is worth quitting that 9-5 (if it is not for you) and relying on your creative skill to get you through life, financially blessed and happy. HAPPY!! I am happy doing what I love.

Search your heart. Look back when you were a child, and asses what may have been the “small things” then and whether or not what you are doing now is the “staple” you want to exist for the rest of your life.

In my own words: “Go find that perfect Little Black Dress” It’s NEVER too late.