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As I checked out at the grocery store a few weeks ago, I glanced to the left to see Archie Comics, Readers Digest , and then my eyes settled on what they always settle on, beauty. Adele burned my eyes, as I admired her beauty (and makeup) on the cover of Vogue. She is the talk of the town, and not just because she won all 6 Grammy’s ; She is a Powerhouse and talented woman!

As a makeup artist, I love to recreate looks that I see on magazines, Pinterest, runways, and Vogue guides. I get my inspiration from those who have gone before me and tweak looks according to what I may prefer and what will make that look “my own.”

I know some of you may hate the photoshoping and contouring that has been done. But from doing shoots, I know that proper makeup application makes the shoot easier for the Photographer and Editor. Editors adjust face shape, nose size, and erase fine lines and pigmentation, but very rarely alter shadow, lashes, or lip colour. It is the job of the Makeup Artist to create perfection.

We are going to Breakdown Adele’s Makeup look so that you can accomplish it in a quick few steps AND know what products to buy.


“Hello Flawless” Foundation by Benefit $34. This is a fabulous NEW foundation by Benefit that is oil-free and has a beautiful, full coverage finish. It creates a glowing look, just like Adele (without, adding a highlighter on the center of face) Apply with foundation brush or fingers.

Cheeks : Smashbox “Step by Step” Contour Kit $45 . This is incredibly easy, all she is wearing is a “contour” to “create” cheekbones. You can use this wonderful kit to apply a highlighter (if you desire) and use the Taupe Colour below your cheekbones. To bring down the price ,  you can also just use whatever Taupe eyeshadow you desire.

If you have already defined cheekbones, just apply a bronzer to the apple of cheeks extending it toward ear.


Nars Eyeshadow Trio in “Douce France” $45 – This is the PERFECT trio for Adele’s Look. Three Easy Steps!

Use foundation on eyelids, and apply lightest shade in trio heavily on inner tear duct area and all over bottom part of lid (below crease).

Use 2nd shade toward outside area of eye (not extending past eyelid) in a v-shape coming up toward crease. Blend heavily inward, halfway across eyelid.

Use 3rd shade for the crease with a blending brush that has a slightly pointed tip. Apply darkest colour and , BLEND BLEND BLEND by using “wind shield wiper” movements, back and forth. We want NO hard lines , it should look like airbrushed eyeshadow.

Easy Peasy!!

Simple Liner : you can use any liquid liner brush or felt tip pen to create this “wing” look. Use liner from outside (where you create point) going inward, just about to tear duct. Apply as close to lash line as possible. The pointy wing end should point toward end of eyebrow (as high as you want!) If you need to adjust wing end, use a damp q-tip and “cut” whatever extra liner you don’t want.


This is where you can use some fabulous falsies or accentuate your beautiful lashes with a great mascara.

Believe it or not, the cheap (real not faux) strip lashes are the best and cost-effective ($4). Use Ardell or Revlon brand, and choose your “fullness.” They can be bought at any drugstore or grocery store.

My favorite : Ardell #33 “Wispies” (if they are too long , trim the end with cuticle scissors)

Great Mascara would honestly be from the drugstore as well, and many of you probably already have it. L’oreal “Luminous” in Carbon Black ($7-$9).

Apply normally while adding a little extra to your ends to accentuate the “wing out” effect.

And Finally Lips: 

Kat Von D “Painted Love” Lipstick in “Celebutard” $19 is probably one of my favorites as it glides on nicely, is not sticky or too dry feeling. This Nude Peach is all that Adele is wearing. No need for a lipliner , unless you need one, get one that is very light nude.

And that is all! Make sure to write a list to take into Sephora and Nordstrom and pick up your products! You can also order online if you do not have either store near you. All the links are connected to the “bold” titles. Just click and shop!

“I’m not afraid of anyone, the only personI’m ever afraid of is myself” – Adele

Please comment with your favorite products or questions!