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Fashion will always stand the test of time. Dressing to “the nines” is nothing new. We are all incredibly aware that the Oscars are the time to pull out the big guns (in fashion, that is!) Every celebrity’s gown is chosen with “THE LIST” in mind. “Best Dressed” is for the fashion elite, and every year we see something new.

In Marilyn and Audrey’s day, it was all about dressing for the event, and those women did it well. They set the standard for what shows up on “The List” now.

Here are my faves from Oscars 2012 and Past

Rooney Mara Oscars 2012

 Rooney is Gorgeous in a double neckline, partial halter and sweetheart. Soft and frankly breathtaking : Givenchy Haute Couture

Audrey Hepburn Oscars 1950’s

Incredibly tailored and classic strapless Belted Floral Couture by :Hubert de Givenchy

Natalie Portman Oscars 2012

Vintage can walk the red carpet today, Natalie is beautiful in polka dots and a mini train-Vintage Dior

Marilyn Monroe Oscars 1951

I am in love with this magazine segment of Marilyn’s Oscar Chiffon Gown Taken from the Fox Costume Department (Saavy Fashionista)

Tina Fey

This natural beauty couldn’t have chosen a better gown! Neckline is perfect with her gorgeous collar bones and it is “Pleat” Perfect by: Carolina Herrera