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Valentines Day is coming up and women generally have a hard time picking the proper gift for their significant other.

Here are some of my favorite gifts this year, and with 10 days left you can still find great shipping without paying extra for a rush!

For our stylish Men:

Cufflinks! If your man is the “classy entrepeneur” or just simply loves to dress up, a good set of cufflinks is a great gift.

OutoftheAshes on Etsy.com is great place to find a beautiful pair of handmade cufflinks. My favorite : Bullet Cufflinks ($24 – Free Shipping)

Gorgeous Folded Paper “Word” Cufflinks with sterling silver backing ($56) from CurateGifts.com

For our Liquid Enthusiast:

Alcohol is always a great gift, and I have learned a lot from my husband and his love for all things drinkable.

Grab a Personalized Bottle of (preferably “small batch”) Knob Creek Bourbon (about $35-$45 at your best liquor store). You will need to purchase a bottle of Knob Creek and Create the Personalized Label online .


For your beach bum beer Guy:

A pair of Reef “Fanning” Bottle Opener Sandals ($56) My husband has these and loves them. Great for summer coming up!

For your Musician:

Don’t they always yell “where is that damn pick i had in my pocket yesterday” Well hunny, it has already been mangled in the washer.

We can fix this with the handy-dandy “Pick Punch” ($25) . It is small enough to be carried in their guitar case, and when in a grind they can find one of those dumb key fobs from the gym they don’t go to anymore and punch two picks out of it. Voila! No more musician mishaps.

For the Technological and Artistic Man:

Choose a famous Andy Warhol Design Iphone Case. My pick, “Made With Care” Case love it! ($36)

And if these don’t suffice – Let your Man choose his gift.

Wantful.com has created an amazing way of compiling a set of gift ideas. You go to the website, push “Get Started” and it takes you to the portion where you tell a little bit about your Man’s personality. They then list a bunch of wonderful and unique gifts. A book is created and shipped , your “other” picks his favorite gift and you submit the given gift code to Wantful. They then ship the gift to you. Talk about Door to Door service, and it will make your Beau feel incredibly loved!

Don’t forget a hug and kiss, and maybe some “steam” in the bedroom!

Happy Shopping! Let me know what you are going to get your Man.