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I think Tattoos are (sometimes) the most amazing pieces of art, not in a museum but on a person’s body.

We are not talking about those who go to “the shop down the street” and pick from the flippy demonstrations of sailors , although if done right, they can look quite interesting. I don’t know if I should talk, I have a recently inked gun on my hand and a cupcake on my foot. Really?

Tattooed Woman 1907

But just like my goofy tattoos, most people get tattooed for the sentimental value of what they are placing on their bodies, the experience, or simply the painful rush. Mine , along with my 3 beautiful other pieces (that mean a lot to me) have been done with best friends as a bonding experience. Will I regret it when I am 70? Probably not, “Tomorrow is not promised to anyone!”

"The Illustrated Lady"

Living in Atlanta, I see ugly, but mostly incredibly beautiful works of art just by walking down the street. It’s sad that ATL doesn’t rate (AT ALL) on the “Most Inked Cities” List. We are rivaling with places like :

Austin, Tex.: It seems that their “Free Tattoo With Every Pulled Pork Sandwich” campaign has finally paid off.

Tattoos will never be a dying art as it has existed for centuries , dating from the fourth to fifth millennium BC.

Tattoo found on the Arm of an Ancient Mummy

The negative tattoo connotation should not even exist, as it exists as a form of cultural “branding” and beauty. This video is about the Mentawai Tribe who performs the traditional Tribal “Tap Method” of Inking and body modification such as teeth sharpening. This shows the painful process of a hammer and needle taking a girl into womanhood. Most importantly , you should always look for a tattoo artist who smokes a joint while performing his art.

One of my favorite tattoo artists would be a NYC Indian man , Anil Gupta with his personally run Inkline Studios. He has not a single tattoo on his body, but he has tattooed many (with a huge wait list). His art surpasses any I have seen before, and his specialty is reproducing classic works of fine art and portraits onto people’s’ bodies.. Who else can produce a highly detailed – full colour quarter size thumbnail of The Mona Lisa. Only he. He is known for his miniatures.

Another two artists, who actually reside here in ATL (that blow my mind) are Kurt Fagerland, who transferred from Ink and Dagger Tattoo in Decatur, to Memorial Tattoo in Cabbagetown and Malia Reynolds, a LA native, relocated to Atlanta and is presently working at Memorial Tattoo on Moreland Ave. Both of these artists are amazing with colour and creating a design from simply a few descriptive words.

My favorite piece by Kurt would be his (in process) and amazing “Vegetable Sleeve.” It is breathtaking and not just because I’m a Veggie.

Malia is well-known for her detailed flowers, but lets not peg her there. She is an amazing artist, and I have had the honor of being tattooed by her. She gave me the most beautiful Ranunculus from wrist to elbow (as a reminder of how much i love my sister; she had them in her wedding bouquet.)

I’m not pushing body art on anyone, I just love the culture and what these amazing artists bring to our generation. Tattoos are truly a representation of Cultural Beauty.

Please feel free to post pictures of your tattoos and favorite artists as i always love to learn more about our growing culture.