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Nina Ricci Spring 2012

“There is one thing that Britney Spears, circa-1980s Madonna, Gwen Stefani, ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ the Spice Girls, ‘Clueless’ and Matt Dillon in ‘Over the Edge’ have in common: a devotion to the crop top.” NY Times

We have abandoned the crop top, until now. Spring 2012 is drawing the 90s out onto the runway, and personally, I love it.

It is a brave step to wear a cropped top, but they’re also many ways to wear one that will flatter most body types. For those self-conscious about their mid section, (which i am!) can wear a crop top that extends to their high waist skirt, or wear a tank top underneath, while still keeping the essence of the cropped look.

Betsey Johnson 2012

Wearing a crop top is easy in a beach town or in a large city, but in the rural areas of the country, YOU WILL GET LOOKED AT FUNNY!

All that aside, fashion is about you. It takes confidence to wear something that bears your mid torso. Like wearing a hat, it takes time to find the right one, the right fit, and the determination to FEEL comfortable in your embrace of a new style.

ACNE Spring 2012

Classy Gal

For a larger lower abdomen  and a larger bust, go for something like the Nina Ricci (just take a look at her website- IT’S BREATHTAKING) outfit (above) : A fitted , high-waist Pencil skirt paired with a heart-shaped or V neck crop top.

This top, because of the neckline would look great on someone with a larger bust. Pair it with a cardigan for a more comfortable coverage. Because of the high waist Pencil skirt, we are not looking at too much of the mid-section. This is fun for a beach vacation or nighttime rooftop event!

Mina Little Lace Cover Up ($33)- To add over your cropped top or even just with a tank top and high waist skirt for more coverage.

Motel Ochre Doke Top ($40) Great back detail to wear alone without cardigan or with one (example above). It is a heart neckline in front and long enough to pair with a high waist skirt and cover up some belly!! Dont be afraid to mix the lace cover up with the back detail of this awesome top – We will pair it with a simple black pencil skirt (below) to balance the outfit out.

Asos Jersey Pencil Skirt ($35) Also Available in Maternity ladies!!!

Feminine Chic

For those of you who favor a girly look and have a defined collar-bone, I would lean toward the Betsey Johnson look (above.)A flattering off the shoulder crop top ( cotton sweater or jersey) and again, a high waist skirt, in this case , with a few girly ruffles, or even better some pockets.

Splendid Off Shoulder Sweater ($68)

European Culture 3/4 Length Skirt ($108) – Great color to go with the grey top (above)

Bad Ass Bod

And for the killer ab ladies (you are out there!!) go for the ACNE Studios look. Super Cropped top, high neck, and flowy skirt-like bottom. A long cardigan looks amazing as it will elongate the body and make it appropriate by not looking like JLo in “If you had my Love!”

Asos Long Sleeve Crop ($36)

MinkPink Marrakech Flare Wide Leg Pants in Terracotta (ON SALE $62!!)


Don’t be afraid, just try it out. You will be surprised to see how many cropped tops find their way into a store near you, so keep an eye out and purchase. Use your existing wardrobe to beef up the wonderful top you just purchased!!!

Let me know what you think about the Crop Top Resurgence.