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Today I needed some shop therapy so with my $10 budget ( no laughing pls) I headed to my favorite thrift shop, Goodwill.
Of course the store with the best selection would have to be 30 min away in a very well to do neighborhood. The not so lovely Sandy Springs.

I was out for some vintage finds or things I could re-consign but I have a problem , and if I like it I keep it for myself.

After an hour and a half of Rummaging ( you need lots of time to thrift) I stumbled upon two great finds. A Harve Bernard skirt and a vintage 60s classic Jane Justin Blazer. Plaid and Neon for spring. Utterly perfect!!

I will obviously not wear them together but they both make for great outfits with simple articles I already have.
Total : $11.93 who could beat that !!

I would love to see you try. Comment or send a picture of your best thrift finds!!