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I have to confess that as of just now, Katie Holmes has not been a beauty/fashion icon to me. She came on the scene as a plain jane, debuting in Dawson’s Creek, and people loved her from the start. I tend to love celebrities that live on the wild side, so I passed her by.

Fortunately her H.Stern Editorial (shot on site in Brazil) released today, and I was blown away by her beauty. As a makeup artist my eye went straight to her face. I could careless about her topless shoot, (although that body is precisely beautiful) but I do care about her makeup.

Thank you Matthew Vanleewuen (part of The Magnet Agency,  and artist for the stars) for making a stunning piece of art. He has been ‘evolving’ Katie for quite some time (link above with his portfolio.)

I want to go over how to recreate her look by recommending some products and tips.

1. Foundation has to be flawless, go for full coverage

HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Makeup Forever

I like to start with brows , then cheeks because they are essentially the frame of the face and will help to determine what other colours and application will be appropriate to use.

2. Brows- NEED TO BE TAILORED. Always “Fill” your brows as no one has a perfect brow. It also creates structure when there are no gaps in the brows.

Use Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel (in either one to two shades darker than your hair colour) but do not use the mascara wand as it distributes a filmy, heavy colour. Use a slanted brush, such as Japonesque’s Angled Brow Definer and run it on the wand to pick up some pigment, then proceed to fill in the brows with the brush.

3. Cheeks – In this look Katie is wearing three products : An all over highlighter, A contour coloured blush, and a Rosy Hue on the apples of her cheeks

For the Highlighter I love MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish Powder in ‘Soft and Gentle’. Apply on high part of cheekbones, forehead and bridge of nose.

Contour Colour (any neutral blush or bronzer without shine finish about 3 shades darker than skin.) I love Cinema Secrets Corrector Color in ‘Brown Contour’ Apply (when you suck your cheeks in like a fish) below the cheekbone.

Blush- Go for Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush in ‘Amused” (No parabens!)

4. Eyes- Probably the most detailed part , but we will make it easy by recommending a palette. Grey Blue and Black are the colours she is wearing on her eyes. A simple blended and smokey rimmed eye.

Start with shadow – First a very light grey applied to the lower lid and blended upward (NOT to browbone, avoid that – keep it clear of colour) and the navy applied close to the lash line and up into the crease.

A great duo would be Nars’ New Duo shadow ‘Mandchourie’ (golden infused denim/ rich navy). Those are the only two colours you need and then a black liner.

Blend Blend Blend upward , do not leave any hard lines of color demarcation.

Liner – You will need a soft black liner (and maybe a black eyeshadow to apply on top- see tutorial.) But be careful because residue of colour tends to fall below the lower lash line after a little bit of wear.

MAC Eye Kohl in ‘Smolder’ Is a soft pencil that you will apply in a decently thick line on your upper lash line into your tear duct. Blend with a tight brush to create the smoky look and use the excess on the brush to run it under your lower lash line and in your waterline (the inner rim of your lower lash line). Clean up with a Q-tip.

Apply a generous coat of mascara – and Voila ! Eyes are done.

Here is a tutorial Video by Myla from The Glamface Academy (focusing mostly on Asian makeup tutorials) showing us how to use a liner to create a smokey eye.


5. Lips are so simple it’s stupid. All she is wearing is a nude liner all over her lips. The benefit of not adding a gloss or lipstick on top, is that when the lip is filled in with a pencil , it will not budge.

MY FAVORITE PENCIL and will always be, is the Kevyn Aucoin Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in ‘Medium’ .

I can’t say enough about this pencil. The pigment is great, not too soft or hard , does not age even if it has sat in your bag forever (but please don’t let it be lazy) and applies so easily! Fill in the whole lip.

There you go! The whole look in 5 easy steps.

Please try this out and feel free to send me your pictures! What would be your choices for this look?