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It’s the New Year and most of us are short on cash. As fashionistas it is inevitable that we are impulsive consumers. We think we like “that shirt ” and realize later we did not try it on, or we look at it for a few days and realize we actually HATE the color!

The piece(s) sit in our closet for who knows how long, sometimes with the tags still attached. I have had True Religions, Handbags, and shoes that I have worn once or literally still read dollar signs on the tag.

What to do with these clothes we seem to be incredibly attached to but have no plans to do anything with?


Consigning Your Closet by Sally Horchow for “Very Good Looking”

For the clothes that are a little worn and may not be taken by the Upscale Consignment Boutiques, please don’t hesitate to donate them to a charity such as The Salvation Army or Goodwill to support the provision of jobs for ex-convicts, the disabled, and recovering addicts.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Baby Aidan Brown Handbag (310.00 MSRP 540.00 – Free Shipping)

For the brand new, tags on, and great quality clothing you may still have, they need to pay for themselves. Consign them: At a shop (list of US shops below) or on an online consignment shop. Most of the time the reason why things sit in our closet is because we are too lazy or “don’t have enough time” to pull articles of clothing and bag them up.

First of all , you DO have 10 minutes to take the beautifully hanger hung clothes and put them in a bag to bring with you ON A SATURDAY (when your off) or after 5pm when most consignment shops are still open. Also at any time you can list consignment on an online boutique (look below.)

Here are a few resources for buying and selling:

5 Reasons to Consign

List of Consignment Shops in the US

Great Online Consignment shop websites to buy and SELL : Style.ly ,  CovetShop

How to Earn Money Consigning

Tips and Information on the proper way to consign:

1. Make sure clothes are not wrinkled but run through the dryer or ironed. Some consignment shops require the pieces to be on hangers , research.

2. Pick clothes that are for the season the consignment shop is accepting, give them a call and ask what they are looking for

3.Most of the time a consignment shop will take a yearly stipend from your balance, probably around $10 to allow you to consign as much as you want for the whole year.

4.When you drop off your clothing and shop around for yourself ( smile) they will call you up to evaluate the prices they have set for your clothing. If you feel that your true religions are worth more than they are selling them for, choose not to consign at that store and try an online consignment shop.

5.Keep consigning! If you are a frugal fashionista and not only consign but also shop at “Thrift store” (different than consignment shops) and Goodwill retail stores in “well off” neighborhoods, it is possible you may find a pair of brand new pair of Frye shoes (which i did the other day) and even if they are not in your size, BUY THEM and then CONSIGN them.

This is a business for some, buying and selling. But if you just have an abundance of clothing, just sell.

A great Buy, if you’re in the restocking phase…

Zac Posen Bubble Dress on CovetShop.com Size 6 (212.00 MSRP 1,800.00) !!!!

So get to Selling and maybe even Buying!!! Good Luck.

What are you recent success stories with consignment?