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Mila Kunis is now joining her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman, who signed for Dior in 2010 to represent their Parfum ads, by modeling Christian Dior’s Handbag Campaign coming out in late January.

Natalie Portman for Dior Parfum Campaign 2010

Some beautiful sneak peaks of Mila Kunis from the upcoming Dior Handbag Spread in late January

Dior has been choosing actresses over models for the last few ad campaigns. It has done well for them as these beautiful women can act and also photograph beautifully.

Look below for a recent short film done by Dior, directed by  John Cameron Mitchell to promote the “L.A.dy Dior” handbag in December 2011. This satirical short film stars the quiet and subdued (so we thought)  French actress Marion Cotillard. It depicts the craziness of the modeling industry in a hilarious way.

LOL Lines

Agent : “Tiny little real people , in the real world that are counting on you!”

Makeup Artist :”…Academy Awards, I put the eyeliner on Miss “You know who” and her glass eye pops out on the table.”

Stylist : “Do I have to speak Klingon to get something done around here!”

Looking forward to late January to see what the Black Swan’s Rival has to offer.