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Spring 2012 Hairstyles are all about “Revival”. Stylists are taking looks from the 1920s to the de-structured looks of the early 1990s and tweaking them into a modern style that is appropriate for 2012.

Take a look at these incredibly “Easy to Do” hairstyles and colour concepts.

Bobby Pin Extravaganza

Bobby Pins (in all colours and sizes) are ruling the runways. A unintentional look yet structured, creates a design that will be envied by those around you. Wearing this style will speak volumes of your self-confidence as it is different then what you may wear on a daily basis.

This look has been found on the Runway of Gail Sorronda, Dior, and Carolina Herrera.

Gail Sorronda Runway Bobby Pin Hairstyle

A few options for adding bobby pins: Slick hair back into a bun with a side part and add a bunch of large colored bobby pins such as Bumble and Bumble’s Pin kit ($15 – Limited for Holiday Season!!- No link because they are no longer sold) But there are other large coloured pins out there.

You can try to find them at a Bumble Retail Salon near you.  Look Out for Tomorrow’s Giveaway Contest for a SOLD OUT  B&B Pin Tin!!!

You can also add pins to a crazy twisted bun by pinning the twists, in no particular order (see below.) If you like the 1920’s look, do a “finger wave” and add some pins.

A great “How To” video on Finger Waves by Andrew Jose (London)
For short hair such as a bob or pixie cut. Don’t hesitate to add them to pin your fringe back or on the side of head.More is Better in this case. Load it up!!! 
High Wattage Hair
As in Peter Som’s Runway Spring 2012, He featured natural coloured hair with a few streaks of bright colours and an underlay of the same shade. Opt for one or both. Unless you have a strict job, do not hesitate to add a few streaks of a crazy colour to your hair. Ask your stylist to do “what YOU want” not what they think is appropriate.

Peter Som Runway 2012

Take it Short

Short Fringe (or bangs) has been “in” since the pixie cut was created by Vidal Sassoon in the 1960s with models Mia Farrow and Twiggy. It continued to be popular into the early 90’s celebrity and music season with celebrities such as Winona Ryder. It is not passe and will NEVER be. A short bob or pixie looks great on those who have slender faces and distinct (occasionally) sharp features.

The famous “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Rooney Mara (read the article on how she is “Pushing the Fashion Envelope”) has sported an asymmetrical bob and fringe. Gorgeous.

Vidal Sassoon 2012

Rock It Grey

Grey and Salt and Pepper Hair has been making a statement on the runway since 2010 and with celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne. Although we haven’t seen a complete resurgence , frankly i think its beautiful and will soon sport it myself.

Gucci 2012 Spring Runway has taken it back to 2010 with a sassy grey streak.

This looks great when the hair is pulled tight into a high pontytail (although it can also be beautiful in short hair)

Here is a tutorial on how to create a High Ponytail. In this video Jacqueline Bush (Celebrity Hairstylist) uses a special hair accessory that prevents the high poytail from “falling” called a Bungee Ponytail Holder ($4 – Cant find in any local stores- only online)

Didnt Shower for 5 days look

Let’s be real. Sometimes we don’t wash our hair for a couple of days, and Prabal Gurung New york 2012 is supporting that. Get a little dirty people. Gel and extra oil makes for a fresh “I didn’t do this on purpose” kind of hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to be judged. If you think you’re being looked at funny, whip this picture (below) out and show ’em who’s boss.

Here are some looks to try that involve very little product and will set you up for the upcoming Spring Season. Please stay tuned for the Contest for the SOLD OUT Bumble and Bumble Pin Tin Tomorrow!