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Thanks to my wonderful coffee date with my absolutely fashion forward sister, I was encouraged to write about shoes appropriate for spring. Of course Spring is known for it’s gloomy rainy days, but why not take that oppurtunity to boost your mood with some wonderful Wellies!

If you are a shoe junkie like me (and Carrie Bradshaw,) you have been told by your significant other, friend, or random person that “You really have way too many pairs of shoes.” Significant others tend to want to weed through your shoe collection and throw out what may be the “most important pair.”

I have my favorites, including my really worn out Toms (my first pair of them), my Frye Campus boots, and a plethora of Havaiana Flip Flops. NO ONE shall throw them out. But this spring we will add to our shoe wardrobe with some rain friendly footwear!

Sister Find and Eco Friendly:

Kamik “Gwyneth Boot” ($53) 100% Recyclable and Budget Friendly, Comes in a Black or Red Lace Pattern – Made in Canada (not China)

Socially Conscious :

Piggybacking on the “Toms” dynasty, Roma Boots are a “One for One” company, so with every purchase they donate a pair of rain boots to poverty stricken children. If you don’t need a pair of boots you can still Donate to the cause.

Roma “Matte Brown Rain Boot” ($84)

Have a Little One? “Roma Boots for Kids Glossy” ($48)


Dsquared2 “Blame it On the Rain” Boots ($80) Also a Canadian Company ($79 – but only in sizes 6 and 8- Hope your lucky!)


Dsquared2 “High Heel Rain Boots” ($995.00 – Not a Typo, But if you can afford it, go ahead and buy it!) Comes in Yellow, Red, and Brown. Fashion doesn’t have to be practical!

Talk of the Town:

Of Course, Hunter ‘Original Tall’ High Gloss Rain Boot‘ ($125) Comes in many colours but my favorite is in ‘Violet’

Budget Friendly Fashionista :

Hunter “Boot Buckle Mid-Calf Rain Boot” ($125) High Heel Boot option for those (like me!) who cannot afford the $1000 boots

Not for the Faint of Heart :

Betsey Johnson “Baxterr Tin Can Rose Rain Boots” (On Sale $60)

Let me know what your favorite Wellies Are!!??

Happy Shopping.