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It’s about to be a new year and resolutions aren’t my favorite. …”75 percent of people give up their resolutions within a matter of weeks” abcnews.com

I am not excusing myself, as I have made the traditional resolutions that have worked for two weeks and were quickly abandoned.

But there is hope. It’s called Self Discipline : “training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character “Webster’s Dictionary

It’s a game of action=results. When you see your accomplishments, recognize that they are possible and form them into a “habit.”

“You hit a goal, you achieve a goal. You keep a resolution” Gretchen Reuben (The Happiness Project)

Top Ten New Years Resolutions:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Beat alcohol
 or addiction
  3. Exercise more and get fit
  4. Quit smoking or chewing tobacco
  5. Be a better spouse
  6. Be a better parent
  7. Eat healthier
  8. Save money

Where is the “I’m going to boost my confidence by getting out of my ‘comfies’ and instead put on a dress with some accessories” or (refer to these past articles) “I’m going to find the proper skin care for my skin to better my health” and finally “I’m going to throw out my old makeup and re stock my collection with the proper colours and foundation for my skin tone.”

Stylelist.com Kim’s Mission Makeover : From Small Town Girl to Hollywood Glam (No, I’m not saying you cannot wear jeans, but try wearing a dress. They’re easy, comfy and flattering!)

These resolutions may sound shallow, but they are not. Beauty is therapy, for every women and lifestyle.

Cancer runs rampant in my family so I did some research on how to use beauty to improve self-confidence.

I conversed back and forth with the representatives from the American Cancer Society volunteer based Beauty Confidence Boosting Program “Look Good , Feel Better.” Volunteer Makeup Artists, Aestheticians, and Cosmetologists teach women, going through chemo therapy, how to draw on eyebrows, create fuller cheekbones with highlighting products (because the face becomes sallow and skeletal,) and what skin care to use to moisturize the dry and dehydrated skin caused by the Chemo drugs.

Take a look at this video about how learning proper beauty tips brings women together and boosts confidence in themselves.

Usually, the beauty can be seen if someone has beautiful skin. The beautiful skin is desire of women, because with healthy and beautiful skin, it means that they are able to take care of their beauty.” Quote found on a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Website

Here are some tips on how to make and keep your beauty resolutions for 2012.

“…Get out of my ‘comfies’ and put on a dress with some accessories.”

Choose a few simple dresses that fit your body type and rotate them with different accessories to create a “different” dress every time.” No one at the coffee shop, grocery store, or even work is paying attention to whether you’re wearing the same dresses every week, they just realize you take care of yourself and look nice.

Zipping Along Dress ($65) – Runs Large so size down (perfect for everyone including full-figured because of the tie at the waist, also appropriate to wear to work with leggings)

Worthington 2 Pack Tights in Chocolate ($8)

Amethyst Necklace ($48) Etsy Designer so get it while you can!

Blowfish “Saul Flats” ($36)

Sketch You Later Dress (On Sale $49) Perfect to wear with a cardigan or large belt (Mullet Dresses are in style this upcoming season)


BaseZoo Loose Fit 3/4 sleeve Cardigan ($28 – Free Shipping , One size but large enough)

Or without the Cardigan , you can add a large belt

Securely Stylish Belt ($38) (comes in all sizes)

Tatted Necklace ” Vive La Reine” ($34) By TotusMel Etsy Designer , so give some love as “Tatting” is a lost art that is being revived and is gorgeous as well as time-consuming. If you don’t manage to get this one before it is gone, she has more designs on her Etsy store.

You can Wear a Spring Scarf in lieu of The Necklace

Collection Xiix “Animal Square Scarf” ($38) Gorgeous and will go with the dress in any of the colours offered! Free Shipping

Boots will work as this is a “Mullet Dress” (short in front and long in back)

Nine West “On the Moon” Boots (On Sale in Many Sizes $64) Can be worn with Belt and Scarf (shown Above)

A Spring/Summer Option would be to wear an open-toed pump with the scarf and cardigan, or just the necklace

Aldo “Nasrin” Peep Toe Platform Pumps ($35) (On Sale!! In many sizes!)

Set up your clothes the night before so when you wake up you’re not rummaging through your closet for the right outfit. The MORE accessories you have, the easier it is to feel like you do have things to wear. No more of the “I have NOTHING to wear!” You do. Optimize your wardrobe with some killer accessories.

Please use the websites linked on this article to search out even more fabulous clothes, necklaces, scarves, and shoes!

Happy Shopping! and best of all , Happy New Year, New You!