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Gail Sorronda

Gail Reid, or better known as her label name Gail Sorronda (which is her mother’s Maiden name,) is lying low on the US fashion scene but doing enormous things in Australia and Europe. Her designs are so new in the US that she does not have a Wikipedia page or a Twitter account. I admire her for that. It’s as if she has a humble spirit waiting for the American Fashion Industry to invite her in. I would like to have that happen now! We cannot wait; she deserves to have her designs splattered all over Fifth Ave.

An Australian native who studied at a fashion school in Queensland, debuted her first line at Australian Fashion Week in 2005 after winning the Mercedes-Benz Start Up Award. She has developed incredible press in Australia and Europe.

I came across her designs through Italian Vogue and was immediately gravitated toward her disciplined, yet ethereal lines and impeccable tailoring. She is truly a born talent. Her eye for romantic femininity and composition of garments, that properly fit the female body, make her an uncommon gem. Sorronda’s garments do not need delirious colours or patterns, instead they are beautiful the way she created them: In black and white.

 “Right from the start I have only used black and white. With my label I wanted to create my own parameters label and I believe that within such dualism one may explore endless expressive possibilities. I am attracted both to the dark side of black and to the pureness of white.” Gail states.

Sorronda thinks outside the box. She is unique (from what i gather in her various european and australian interviews) and will not wait for the next trend. She creates the next trend.

Chain of Flowers Dress 2010

Vogue September 2009

She started with garments that had a ghostly motion that quickly evolved into a calculated balance of movement and structure. Her past collections have experimented with slightly girly gowns, skirts and jackets, and amazing headpieces. “In 2007 Gail Sorronda launched her Jewellery line, ‘Visual Slur’, which toy with ideas of proportion and drama, often laced with a sense of dark humour echoed in pieces such as ‘The Faux Engagement Ring’, ‘The Catalyst Ears’ and ‘Ghost of a Shark’ spike head pieces.” Vogue Australia.

Her most recent collection named “Stem the Flow” represents the birth of tailored yet still feminine designs. Sorronda has been experimenting with new textiles such as jersey and soft cotton. The last few collections she has used a hat as the main accessory instead of delicate headbands in her other shows. Her lines are clean and her necklines are low or intentionally designed. Sorronda has experimented with the “bulb” shape, as she calls it, and the mullet style dress. Beautiful silhouettes.

Chaplin Dress and Stem the Flow Hat 2012

Gail Sorronda Rise and Fall Dress 2012

Gail describes fashion as “an art form where the human body is the canvas. Sometimes it is a visual representation of my alter-ego, at times a voyeuristic fantasy. In the future, instead, when the governments will give us permission, we will have access to alien technologies in the fashion world: we will be able to explore new textiles and production techniques. Fashion will be custom-made according to our individual DNA, thanks to a symbiotic technology.” (Vogue Italia)

Gail Sorronda Curve Dress 2012

Even other designers adore her work:

“I love Gail Sorronda, It’s my taste.” Stefano Gabbana. The Wall Street Journal. Sept 2010.

We love her designs, and her prices are still manageable in contrast to the amount of time and brainpower she puts into her pieces. It is hard to purchase them here in the US but there is a site or two that offers them. If all else fails you can pay an extra few dollars and purchase from Australia or Europe or on Gail’s Official Website .

Please make Sorronda a topic of conversation. Let’s get her to our fashion scene. We need her.