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Jeffrey Campbell is now a household name, and it should be. He has been creating shoes since he was 18 years old. His career in footwear started while working at a local Nordstrom’s Store in Los Angeles (where Campbell is from and currently resides.) As of year 2000, he started to design and create shoes in his garage. Wood carved wedges, crazy hand dyed colours, and vintage flower patterns, unique fabric choices, made him “The Wedge King.”  The now, well-known Campbell dynasty, has always been and will be a family affair. He is joined in designing and marketing by his 2 daughters and wife Christine. Campbell is incredibly humble, shy and stays behind the scenes (taken from the picture above, that was the only one I could find in 30 minutes of looking on the web.)

Brigite Campbell, oldest daughter of Jeffrey and Christine, has become quite the entrepeneur, going from being the best sales person at Campbell’s trade shows, she now has rein over her Dad’s Teen collection.

In Spring of 2010 Brigite encouraged Dad to put his shoe designs in various shades of pink. They called it the “Pink Rocks” Collection.

“We picked some of our more popular styles and made them available in pink” Campbell’s publicist stated. This was a great success for them. Pink being a  universally magnetic color for most women around the globe, helped to draw his younger audience. He now has had an underground teen following wearing  some “easier to walk in” wedges and heels.

“Our inspiration comes from the everyday woman, the girl on the street, the lady on the subway, the inspiration is YOU” Campbell stated.

His grassroots, turn “go to” shoes for Celebs (Like Lady Gaga), the modern woman, and chic teens has inspired him over the last 12 years to branch out and create a line for men and collaborate with a few major clothing designers.

Campbell and Wildfox Couture– LA based  vintage inspired knits encapsulating the feel of the backstage “Band-Aids” in Cameron Crowe’s smash hit Almost famous, have come together to create a classy Ballet style/ rock inspired wedges will be available in select retailers as of February 2012.

Wildfox Couture Ad 2011

“It was a shoe love affair from the start, so it just made sense,” notes Gordon (co-founder of Wildfox couture, also an illustrator and photographer)

Campbell says that he some of his muses are people and places including “Chloe S, Mary Kate, Music, After-party, NYLON, London, Street, Short Shorts, Brooklyn, L.A., FUN!!! and Brunch, Sienna, Style vs. Fashion, My Daughters.” 

Jeffrey Campbell Men’s Collection named “The Damned” is much talked about and will be on the retail scene in 2012. He has taken some of his female designs and reincarnated them for his male clientele. They are certainly geared toward the fashion experimentalists. Take a look at the link above for his new men’s line.

JC has a knack of predicting what will be in style for each season. His inspiration guides him to create, and it always seems to be in the right direction. These Colorblocking Wedges named “Shy Town” (ON SALE!! $44)  by J. Campbell are applicable for this winter (although open-toed …wear some tights!!) as colorblocking is in.

Of course he created what many publications have been calling the “2011 Shoe of the Year”  “Lita” ($160) by Jeffrey Campbell. These can be hard to find but click on the link and you will able to buy! They are also available in men’s sizes as well.

"Shoe of the Year" Lita Bootie by J. Campbell

Looking toward 2012, the JC Resort Collection Spring 2012 , is exciting. It’s “A love affair with LA.” Add some animal print, flames, and don’t forget the rainbow design; These shoes will go fast so look out.

All things said, Jeffrey Campbell is a family man, successful entrepreneur, and artist. His shoes will be in style history books in years to come. Thank you JC.