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While I have mostly women followers (whom I appreciate very much) I want to reach out to the men who care about how they dress, or simply WANT to care how they dress. Many New Year’s Resolutions are going to be made, and I know some are going to be “I’m going to dress nicer this year.” C’mon Men, attract those women!  Although we occasionally love the scruffy (how shall I say, “homeless look”) woman are mostly attracted to a man who puts a little effort into their dress.

Have messy hair, have a beard, wear chucks, but pair it with some nice jeans and a classy shirt or jacket. You will be getting double takes in no time.

This article is also applicable for women as they may have a man in their life who needs a tiny makeover.

Start with the Jeans. They are the most important component to the outfit. The proper fit is important for any man: tall/thin, robust, or beautifully height challenged (I love shorter guys. I’m married to one and he is gorgeous.)


Levi’s is a company that has been around forever, and they really do make the best jeans for Men (and women.) When I see a man walking by in a pair of Levi’s I think, “That’s just right!” Funny but true.

Tall and Thin

Try Levi’s514 Slim Straight Jeans .” ($55) This particular jean is straight legged , slim fit (but not too skinny) and low waist sitting. These would simply look great on a taller, skinny man, and they come in many color “washes.” My favorites , “Green Forest” and “Midnight Train.” But don’t be afraid to try a different wash, such as the “Grey Steel.”

Robust (blessed buttocks)

Again Levi’s just hits the nail on the head with every body shape. Don’t be offended by the word “Robust” I really do mean “blessed in the back.” Woman like a little booty.

The 527 Bootcut Jeans ($45) are a perfect fit as they sit lower in the front and higher in the back (so when you sit down, crack won’t kill.) They have a straight leg, but not a tapered leg, which would make the “blessed in the back” look less heavy in the bottom and prevents from appearing too disproportionate toward the bottom of the leg . With 29% polyester your’re going to get a little stretch, which is important for those who need some breathing room. These will not hug too tight so do not worry.

I love them in “Supernova” and “Arrowhead.” Two totally different washes.

Beautifully Height Challenged

I have noticed, because of my husband and father (who don’t reach past 5’7″), that a pair of Slimmer fitting jeans, with a partially tapered bottom, creates amazing length. It is hard to find jeans that go down to a size 28 legnth but Top Man (originally from the UK, gotta love the British , they are fashion forward!) has them. You can get your regular waist, size (28-36), and they vary in legnth depending on the waist size, (assuming that people are porportianate), but it is nice to find a pair of jeans that go from (28-32 waist) in “short” or (s).

The “Mid Wash Slim Leg Jean” ($55)  is a wonderful cut for those who feel like they need to lengthen. They are slightly tappered at the bottom with a comfortable straight leg. If these don’t seem to suffice length wise, do not be afraid to go to a great tailor. It will cost about $15 to have your jeans tailored perfectly according to your height. Try this with any type of Jean you may like but which do not fit legnthwise.

Dress Shirts and Blazers

This is easy.  Men simply look great in a good long sleeved dress shirt in a casual design.  You can go for solids, but why ignore all the great patterns out there?

Dress Shirts

Top Man is a powerhouse in creating classy men’s clothing.  They have many dress shirts for amazing prices as well as heavy coats to add to the “New You.”

Their “Charcoal Striped Shirt” ($28) is a good balance between dressy and casual and can be worn under a plain coloured cardigan or dressed up even more with a blazer (or worn by itself). Pair all of this with the great pair of jeans we recommended and you have an amazing outfit for the holidays and for everyday.

Cardigans and Blazers

To pair with the dress shirt above, try the “Red Elbow Patch Vee Cardigan” ($80) by Top Man. The colour may be a little jarring at first glance, but you will love it! I promise. Fashion is all about being ahead in the game and trying things most people wouldn’t.


The “Penny Blazer” ($100) by Penny Stock is classy and casual with it’s Herringbone and Tweed texture. It can be worn over any plain colored dress shirt or even regualr T-shirt. Play around with it.

These are some awesome options for you men out there! Explore these links as you may find even more things you like. If you have any questions about men’s clothing please feel free to comment.

Enjoy looking great in this upcoming new year.