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“Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.” This could not be more true. This is a fashion blog, and some of the articles may cause you to think “That would never fit me!” I write for ALL women, and try to offer options that look like Runway wear but are “fitting” for all shapes and sizes.

I come from a genetic background where my body fluctuates in weight. I’m not afraid to disclose that a year ago I went to the doctor to get a wake up call on the fact that I was 202 pounds at 5’2″. I freaked out (naturally) but i realized that my body reacted to poor eating and no exercising in a negative way. I started eating right and being active and have dropped 30 pounds. I still will never be the “ideal” weight for my height. But that’s ok. I feel beautiful in my own skin.

Confidence paired with the right garments for your body shape is the key to looking awesome in clothes.

There are about 4 different body shapes. Pear, Apple, Hourglass and Rectangle.

Pear- The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement.The distribution of fat varies, with fat tending to deposit first in the buttocks, hips, and thighs

Apple- Apple shaped women have broad(er) shoulders compared to their (narrower) hips. Apple shaped women tend to have slim legs/thighs

Rectangle- The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement.

Hourglass- The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist

Here are some beautiful Holiday Dresses for each body shape


The “Metallic V Neck Dress” ($169) by Maggy London is a perfect dress for a pear shape as it has a low-cut neck which will naturally emphasize the minimal bust (if you want, add a great push-up bra). It will reduce the hips enough that the body will look proportional.


The “Mesh Corset Dress” ($80) by Victoria’s Secret fits the apple shape because of the corset top which will accentuate the upper half of your body, and the high waist cinch helps to reduce the weight that may be carried in the abdomen. Again if you just feel like the belly area is irritating you wear a pair of control top sheer Spanx.


The Paige dress (on sale for $68)  by Andrew Marc is absolutely gorgeous and defies the traditional colours for the holidays. It is has a silver blue fade and is great for a Rectangle Shape as it has an empire waist to create “hips” for a straight shape.


The “Sven Sleeveless Pleated Tulle Dress” ($100 on sale) by BCBG is Hourglass appropriate as it has a deep V neck to make to accentuate the neckline and collar bones as to make the bust look lovely and not “heavy.” The ruffles toward the upper waist and pencil style skirt causes the hips to look beautifully full but the waist tiny. Again add a pair of Spanx to accentuate the behind and hold any “wobbly bits” in. Dont be afraid to go “commando (no underwear)” or a seamless thong as the panty lines will show.

These dresses are beautiful and available in sizes up to 14, 16 , even the sale dresses. Order your perfect dress now as your New Year’s Party is coming up soon!

If you have any questions about casual clothes for your body shape please don’t be afraid to ask. I’m FULL of answers!!!