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This January 2012 Edition of Vanity Fair is quite the “Talk of the Town” and why shouldn’t it be. Lady Gaga bears ALL. Vanity Fair did an extremely classy job of shedding light on the (as we know) “Real” Lady Gaga. “…lives her parents’ Upper West Side apartment, where the 25-year-old cultural phenomenon sleeps on an air mattress and cooks pasta (in Chanel, no less.)” We will never know what celebrities are really like until we spend a day with them (which is a slim to none chance) but this is as close as we will get to an “honest” description of her everyday life.

The article didn’t do much for me , but the photography did. Annie Leibovitz , a Jewish Photographer originally from Connecticut made a name for herself in the mid 70s early 80s as the Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone. She shot the most talked about photograph in the history of Rolling Stone Magaine: The John Lennon and Yoko Ono Cover . This was history in the making as John Lennon was shot and killed 5 small hours after the shoot. She was the last person to photograph him before his tragic death.

Annie has been known to photograph everything from celebrities to characters from Disney movies. She is a powerhouse.

A range of emotions is depicted in these shots of Lady Gaga. Annie has a way of pulling forward the different traits of a celebrity: their beauty, vulnerability, and poise. These pictures speak for themselves, A 1,000 words worth.

The Laundromat Couture is my favorite. Seeing her daily antics, Gaga would never use a laundromat, but she would walk up in couture.

And for the showstopper, as a literal collaboration that was done with Tony Bennett , a duet of “The Lady is a Tramp” , Gaga relives the duet while doing a nude back-bend on Tony’s chaise lounge in his library (with him in the background sketching her naked body). This is the shot that is rocking the world right now. Vulnerability, but classy and a piece of art. Nudity never has to be shocking , it can be simply beautiful.

To say the least , this will hopefully make a statement large enough to go down in the magazine hall of fame. All hail Gaga.