DIY Tutorial : Designer Woven Chain Bracelets For Under $20


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Hües Black Woven Link Bracelet – Max and Chloe ($178 ea.)

 A DIY tutorial! 

I hope you’re excited, because in a matter of minutes you can make an identical “twin” of the Max and Chloe Chain Link Bracelets above , as well as the almost $500 Woven bracelet by renowned designer Aurelie Bidermann !

If you have not noticed the “Chain Craze”, than I’m not too sure you have left your house. Chain Link Bracelets are all the rage, and being seen on celebrities, runways, and in accessory designers’ collections all over the world.

Here are two tutorials by amazing blogger, Jenni from ISPYDIY , as well as the girls from Honestly…WTF DIY website. The 4 step process and 5 elements needed, make me sure you (and I) can make 1, or 2, or 10. THESE BABIES ARE STACKABLE!

 Tutorial Here for the Max and Chloe Bracelet 

Sneak Peek (but click link above for directions):

photo credit :

These DIY’s are way too much fun, and too simple to pass up. 20 minutes on your couch at night (or whenever you like to hang out,) is enough time to make at least 1 bracelet. With a little braiding ability, and some great colour choices, your self-made, designer duds will be blinding all the jealous fashionistas wondering how you afforded such an expensive accessory!

Aurélie Bidermann bracelet

Aurélie Bidermann bracelet $441

Try this beautiful Bracelet! It’s quite the ShowStopper and also quite pricey. You can literally use the EXACT same quality products (especially because this is not authentic Gold- but gold brass VERY INEXPENSIVE ) and make an identical chain bracelet for about $20.

Tutorial Here Courtesy of the girls at Honestly…WTF 

Sneak Peek :

Photo Credit : Honestly…WTF !

If you do not have a jewelry supply store near you, the best to place to find what you need for both bracelets is to search Etsy under “thick curb chain” or “Curb Chain Bracelet” (if you do not want to add the clasp yourself.) You can pick any color chain, size (necklace maybe?), and make it vintage if you want! The same goes for the for the Suede and Cotton embroidery string (pick some fun colours) and Findings (clasps etc.)

Make sure you follow Jenni from ISPYDIY , on FB , Pinterest, and Twitter and/or Purchase her wonderful book HERE.

And Also give some love to the wonderful girls at the DIY website Honestly…WTF ! Follow them on FBPinterest, and Twitter !

Happy “Doing it yourself” Time (that sounds way too inappropriate, but , hey!?)

Loves, Fashionisabitch

Gold Rush : The Resurgence of Metallic Accessories


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Black and Gold Accessories

Over the last few years , Metallic Gold , or maybe better recognized as “the gold you wore in the early 90’s”, had taken a back seat in the fashion world. In 2012 The Runway has FINALLY brought back Metallic Gold! Its shiny goodness is covering the walls of every retail and department store, designer collections, and dominates most magazine Ads.

Peep toe pumps
$136 –

Michael Kors snakeskin handbag
$248 –
You will start to notice, whether it’s a detail on a handbag or dress, a heel on a shoe, or high-end jewelry, Gold has become a staple ONCE AGAIN. I decided to go with a black and gold themed collage, just to keep it classy and simple. No longer do you have to wear “vintage” jewelry for this shade of Gold to appear appropriate, attractive and not tacky. It is as easy as running to your nearest mall or boutique to grab a great stiletto, cuff bracelet , or chunky necklace and walk out looking like you just came off the runway.

Forever 21 ring
$3.80 –

Spitfire sunglasses
$39 –

Butter London nail lacquer
$14 –
As I write this last paragraph, I am stretching my neck and arms! This blog has surprisingly taken me 3 hours to put together. Going through recent fashion magazines, I had spotted a few items that I loved, but were in the thousands ($$$,) when I decided what I wanted to write about , I realized that I should do what I do best, find similar pieces for hundreds less (this takes some time!!). Nothing is over $300 in this collage, and you will be surprised as few of the “gold” accessories are anywhere from $4 to $40. You don’t have to pull my arm, I’LL TAKE 10 of each, thanks!!

I’m going shopping! What are your favorite Gold Accessories, and what colour do you like to pair them with!? Let me know!

MZ Wallace NY : A Designer Handbag Without the Scary Price Tag


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Grey Nubuck Leather Camille Clutch $325 (sold here)

The airport is the best “People Watching” spot that exists (if that’s your kind of thing!) As a makeup artist and fashion junkie, I can carry 4 bags, dig through my vintage clutch to find my ID (amidst the million lip glosses and receipts,) check in, go through security, find my gate and grab a coffee, all the while sub-consciously absorbing the beautiful, hilarious, and enamoring clothing and accessories worn around me

Going through security is a pain, but that’s when you see all the goods. Shoes! Handbags! Everyone needs to remove their shoes and empty their purses to get to the other side.

While exiting the “body scanner”, a lady behind me apologized for her mass amount of stuff that was causing a traffic jam on the security belt. No need to apologize, lady!! Her handbag was a jaw dropping, mouth-watering spectacle of all things DONE RIGHT! (below)

THE BAG “Peacock Bedford Kate” $395 (sold here)

I couldn’t put my finger on what designer it was, so after a quick exchange of questions: where she was headed (LA) and what she did for a living (built movie sets), I couldn’t help but compliment her on the teal “slouch” double strapped , creamy leather bag she was carrying.

Trying out my (usually spot on) “Price is Right” guessing ability, I asked what designer it was. “MZ Wallace” she answered. Hmmm, never heard of that, which usually means (for this budget fashionista) that it was too expensive for me to even KNOW about. I took a wild guess at the price. “Probably runs about $11, $1,200 (waving my hand back and forth, in a “give or take” motion to make it a safe guess.) I failed. Her response was wide-eyed and smiley and frankly made me happy, as she stated that her husband bought it for her in NY and it was around $450.

Snake Print Ava Tote $225 (on SALE Here)

That’s when I pulled up MZ Wallace on my trusty Iphone just to swoon over the bags while waiting for take off! Not sure (as a native New Yorker) how I managed to miss such an eye catching, quality built, and budget friendly accessory!

MZ Wallace was created in 2000 by two born and bred NYC friends Monica and Lucy. The duo , both artists and hyper-successful self-made business women, collaborated their creativity and fashion knowledge that took their concept of a “luxurious and utilitarian” handbags to a worldwide “carry-on” cult . (Read their whole story here)

Flagship Store in Soho (more locations here)

What a wonderful MZ has done! They are constantly growing as a company with two flagship stores, SOHO NYC (and two other stores in NY), and one in Tokyo, Japan. Best Rof all, they have catered to the point, click, and ship shoppers by offering online purchasing as well as placements in 4,000 exclusive boutiques around the globe!

Warning: Looking too closely at this website will cause money to fall out of your bank account (because you will buy 3 bags, and not just 1). Proceed with caution!

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How to Accomplish the Perfect Winged Liner


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I’ve said this before, but I shall tell you all again. I LIVE AT THE COFFEE SHOP. Or should I just say that I pay $2.15 per day for my office space. My coffee shop exclusivity only extends to a very few shops in Atlanta. Criteria: it needs to have the right energy  AND the right people.

As I sat on the floral patterned couch here at Hodge Podge Coffee House, I suddenly realized it was already 4:00pm and counting. ” I HAVE TO WRITE” I told myself, but after a wedding weekend with old friends and limited social networking, my best friend came for a visit . Her name is writers block.

Glancing to my left was a hip Redhead with tattered jeans, a purse slung over her shoulder, and a Cafe Mocha (I think.) I talk to everyone already, so I figured she’s probably around 16-17 , and although my readers are an older demographic, I figured some of the most honest answers come “from the mouth of babes.”

I turned and asked her what her name was : Maret (awesome name) . I asked if she would help me with something and then went into a dissertation of what I do and asked her ” If you could think of anything you would want to learn about fashion or makeup , right now, what would it be!?”

Simple Winged Liner – Straight Across with a Slight Upward Angle

“How to wear wings with eyeliner, and make them the same on each eye!” She answered. Well this chick just rocked my world. I wear “wings” everyday. I have decided it’s ok for me to have a “staple” or comfortable look. Winged liner will never go out of style. Check out my Pinterest to really understand my obsession with the wing!

We exchanged FBs , and Instagram names and I told Maret to look out for her “closeup.” The article is in fact inspired by her. Thanks Maret for saving me from that evil friend that visits so often.

A Dramatic Wing That Stays Consistent in Thickness

Lets talk Wings.

Most people have a problem with how to accomplish the “wing” or “cat eye” look. But it is simple. I say that with a grain of salt, as it is only “simple” with the right instructions.

First you need to branch out and TRY that liquid liner, a good one that wont smudge, My favorite you can see here. Throw the fear of “the wing” out the window. No worries, a Q-tip can fix any mess!

One of our eyes is always different from the other. Start with the one that gives you the most difficulty in applying liner or shadow.

The fool-proof way to create a “wing” effect is to use a black or brown pencil liner FIRST, and use it ONLY to make a mark for where you want the wing to go.

Choose One! Great Liner Ideas

Make sure it has a decently sharpened tip on it, and begin by placing the tip, aiming at an angle towards the end of your brow, start as high up or as “curved” as you want the wing to be, and draw the pencil in a LIGHT motion inward and down to the base of the lashline.

Look at where the wing-end aims toward your brow, and repeat it on the “easy” eye. If you feel as though its uneven, Cut with a q-tip (use one dry or wet, and draw it upward on bottom-side of wing line to draw the wing to a sharper point.)

Now use your black liquid liner and trace over the pencil “outline” . Some people feel more comfortable with a brush tip liquid liner and some with a felt tip. It is up to you. But if you have not tried liquid before, a felt tip might be easier.

Take the liquid and apply just like you did the pencil liner but with an even hand movement, and in one fell swoop toward the lashline.

Try This Advanced Hyper-Angled Wing that Extends On the Bottom Lashline

NOW , with any other style of eyeliner application you don’t want to stretch out your eyelid, but it is easier, when using liquid, to make the straight line across the lid area when the lid is stretched outward, after the wing has been applied. Wing, connect, then draw line toward tearduct.

Start with a thin line as close to lashline as possible (gently push the tip of liner into the lashline and across) go over it and thicken the line as much as you want. Let dry.

Sometimes you will have to adjust the outer wing with a q-tip and make it straighter , more curvy, or shorter and a more triangular shape. When the wing is done being applied then add those touch ups.

Easy Peasy, Ladies! Go for it , and give yourself some time to make it work. But rock the socks off of it! Wing liner is simple and you do not have to add eyeshadow to make it a “complicated” look. The wing does it all for you.

Thanks to Maret for being my Muse!

Please comment with any questions!!

Guest Post : Hampton’s 2012 Summer Fashion Trends


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Fashionisabitch : I love blogging, tweeting, facebooking; it just seems as though I come across such wonderful people and especially incredibly talented, smart and fashionable WOMEN! Recently I connected (Via Social Networking!) with a wonderful woman named Alexandra. As a fellow blogger, fashionista , and travel junkie, she has amazing insight on “What Women Want” and better, what they should  be shopping for! She has written an article that taught me about Hampton’s Fashion! Enjoy the read , and make sure to follow her on Twitter and her Blog. Thanks Alexandra.

Fashion Trends for The Hamptons 2012

By Alexandra Jacobs

Spring in the Hamptons has begun with summer soon to follow. If you live there, or plan to spend a relaxing vacation in one of the many luxurious Hamptons rental homes this summer, you should be aware of what to have in your wardrobe. Keep in mind that the Hamptons is a sophisticated, warm environment with high style standards. Stay on top of upscale and casual fashion trends that keep you feeling comfortable and confident.

Daytime wear should always be light, airy, and colorful. Short neon tops layered over a cute tank with shorts is always a “Do”. Solid colored or floral patterned summer dresses are also always in fashion; add easy to wear matching wedges with a shiny cuff bracelet and you’ll be good to go. For a more casual daytime look, try a pair of colored skinny jeans with a striped top and a colorful belt, matched with neutral colored ballet flats. For guys, go with a colorful polo and khaki or black shorts and neutral colored sandals for a casual look. You can spice up the casual style a bit by throwing on a nautical designed t-shirt and black or navy flats.

As for beachwear, stick to nautical colors.  They are always so classy.  A nice navy blue, red, white, or neutral bikini is a must.  Neon and floral patterned bikinis are also popular. It’s acceptable to mix and match your bottoms with your tops, as long as the look doesn’t contrast too much. A string bikini top and regular panty cut is the simplest choice. If you want to be more glamorous, try a one piece with abstract open cuts on the abdominal and back area. Halter’s are also in style and tend to be an easy and flattering choice. For boys, don’t wear floral swim trunks, as those are past their fashion prime and now appear tacky. Go for nautical or solid colored swim trunks.

Nightwear in the Hamptons has to be upscale and sharp. Ladies should always go for an easy white, black, or solid colored one piece dress. If you want to mix and match with skirts, keep it simple. Color blocking is popular, so go ahead and throw in a little neon and color in the dress, skirt or heels.  High-heels are preferred, but shiny, lacquered flats are also trendy. Men’s night wear should be conservative and simple as possible. Go for the classic solid colored dress shirt or polo, and matching dress pants. If you choose to be more casual, wear a graphic t-shirt with black jeans and some shiny dress shoes.

Alexandra is a travel enthusiast who loves to write about tourism, beaches, food, and the wonderful things in the world.  She provides her own insights on vacationing to the blogosphere.  If you would like to learn more about her, follow her on twitter  @alexsjourneys or visit her blog

Swimwear for All Body Shapes


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Swimwear for All Body Shapes

Ladies! I know sometimes it can be hard to feel “beautiful” in a swimsuit. I have dreaded the swimsuit “hunt” for the last three years as I have battled with weight fluctuation and have kept wearing my 5-year-old two-piece (that no longer fits,) covering it up with a tank top (DONT DO THIS.) I created this collage essentially for myself and realized it was perfect for the rest of my Real Women readers!

    Some real women can wear a Brazilian Bikini and look great. Us busty ladies shall be proud of our bussoms and wear that heart-shaped halter while, my gorgeous curvaceous women should feel comfortable in a two-piece. There is truly a suit for everyone!

I couldn’t help but throw in a few maternity swimsuits, because I want to encourage the “soon to be ” moms  that they too can be a fashionista. A baby bump is the most beautiful accessory.

    Be proud of your curves , thighs, your rock hard abs, your beautiful blossomed bust, and that wonderful baby bump. And for those who are a little self-conscious about the tummy (like me,) there are amazing one piece swimsuits available as they are so prevalent in todays style “closet!”

    Frumpy no more! Have FUN choosing your swimsuit. No one can make you feel inferior or not beautiful – UNLESS YOU LET THEM! Show the haters who’s boss!

Do not feel guilty shelling out $100 or a tiny bit more on an awesome fitting suit. Make the investment; These classic suit choices are a great addition to your summer wardrobe and will last you quite a while without ever making you feel “so last year!”

Buns of Steel – Brazilian Bottom Bikini : Shake what yo mama gave ya- show me what you’re workin with!

 Poko Pano white bandeau bikini
$158 –
The Bathing Beauty- Have those curves? Show ’em off with a mini skirted bottom and great support halter and heart-shaped neckline.

$90 –
Amazon Abs- Do you love your abs?! You should. This is a great feminine, peachy ruffled bathing suit with a great top and teeny tiny bottom! Love.

River Island hipster bikini

$18 –

 Surfer Chick – Need something to prevent “nip slips” when you’re waxing that board and surfin’ those killer waves!? No worries, Free People has you covered with a gorgeous one piece. Not only practical but unique with a creative pattern and cap sleeves.

Free People one piece swimwear
$130 –
 Bathing Beauty 2-Piece Aren’t we excited! Join the “no judgement” zone and rock this 2-piece in an awesome emerald colour with a high-waisted, retro style skirted bottom and again, more support for those “girls” with a halter top. Comes in sizes 16-28!!

Esther Williams retro swimwear
$90 –
 My Bettie Page Girls- Who wouldn’t want to be covered in lace ?! This suit makes me excited to wear a one-piece. It is a necessary addition whether you “only” wear two pieces or not. Heart neckline, halter, and high cut bottom to accentuate any leg shape.

Vintage swimwear
$100 –
Proud Mom- Show off that baby bump! Sure, you could wear a regular two piece, but that skimpy bottom might just sneak right down to your ankles. We don’t want you popping out of a wave with more than your belly showing! It has a reversible coloured “tummy band” to roll up or down depending on what’s most comfortable! Great colour combo and fun for those who are going on a baby celebration vacation.

Bikini swimwear
$74 –
Sport That Belly in Style- This a wonderful maternity suit if you prefer a one piece. The pattern is a grey and white zig zag to add some fun to what would usually be a solid bathing suit. Pregnancy is a time to celebrate… Pack a punch with this swimsuit as that baby of yours punches you in the ribs. #gottaloveem

Halter Maternity One Piece Swimsuit
$100 –
HAVE FUN!!! My choices- Poko Pano (full bottom) two-piece and the Lace Vintage One-Piece!

Fashion Through a Kaleidoscope: The Musings of a Girl With Ever Evolving Style


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Abby (bottom right) Hoola Hooping with Friends

A few weeks ago I attended an “open movement” dance class with about 50 others part of our local art community at The Goat Farm here in Atlanta. One of those people was a wonderful girl named Abby Carney. My dear friend, Erin, brought her to the GloATL class to dance the afternoon away, flailing ourselves around in the “deep-sea of our emotions!” I loved it, and at first sight I loved Abby. She was wearing a hair piece, a skirt, and winter lace up boots. My kinda girl.

I struck up conversation with her when she asked what else she could wear with those boots, and how to transist them into a Spring staple. Erin and I started offering up opinions and came to a conclusion: dresses, cropped pants were the necessary articles to wear with the infamous boots.

As I talked to Abby about what she did for school and for a living, we immediately connected heart to heart. As she is finishing up school for Journalism in a few weeks (yay), I figured I would extend a fun opportunity to offer some fashion advice to my readers. She is truly a visionary and creative. Her outfits say ” I never hold back, I wear what I want!”

I received incredible inspiration from her following article!

When I was a kid, I was very much a tomboy. For quite a while, I favored overalls, bandanas,
cargo pants, and sneakers . Thankfully I outgrew that phase and
the “trying to fit in” mentality most people go through in high school. Really, I think
life is just made up of a million little unique chapters we go through, and the point
is to just thoroughly enjoy whichever one you’re in.

In high school I always felt
“bohemian” urges and wore many scarves and headbands, but I was too nervous to
fully embrace my true self aesthetically and otherwise. College and urban living
allowed me to blossom into the bohemian hipster baby I admit to being much of the
time now. I’m not afraid to try something new or different. If it makes me happy,
I put it on and wear it proudly. I no longer look at labels or sizes. I simply wear
what feels good and what makes me smile.

Paradoxical to my general boho look, I
also gravitate towards neutrals. I can’t get enough of black, white, navy, and gray.
My closet is filled with white blouses and beige accessories. I shopped at thriftstores before it was cool, and that’s the solid truth. I attended an exclusive private
school, so my mother taught me to be nonchalant about my scavenged treasures.
She certainly trained me in “advanced deal hunting” at an early age. At the same time, I also believe in
quality . It is rare to find me perusing the H&M’s or Forever 21’s of the world.
They make cute things, but they are disposable at best. If I am going to veer from
my usual thrifting stops, it probably means I’m shelling out a little cash at Banana
Republic or Gap to purchase a tried and true wardrobe staple.

It would be impossible to pinpoint my inspiration. I am endlessly fascinated by
everything, and I feel that my outward aesthetic is a way of expressing that. I adorn
myself with objects that captivate me: Like an urchin drawn to shiny baubles, I
am mesmerized by colors. The more the better. If I ruled the world, we would see
everything in Technicolor. Life would float by like a psychedelic swirling twirling
undersea octopus’ garden in the shade. Did I get carried away? That’s what I
seek to express. I think you can grasp that just by looking at me sometimes.


Cassie from "Skins" BBC

 Your clothing really acts as an outer mood ring. Moods can be as varied as a rainbow, so never pigeonhole yourself. As far as a muse in human form, my fashion inspiration is Hannah Murray, who portrays the character Cassie on the British television series Skins (above). Something about her style and personality enraptures me and I feel kindred to her spirit and fashion. That’s about it. There are no hard and fast rules in my world but this old cliché—don’t ever dare be anyone who is not totally and earnestly you. Comparisons are futile. I roll out of bed each day and think to myself, “What adventures we’ll have today.” Dress yourself for the day’s adventure.

Abby is a freelance scribe in ATL, freshly graduated from Georgia State and actively exploring every nook & cranny of her hometown before taking on the world. Find her on her purple bicycle, running these city streets, in coffee shops, with her nose in a book, or perched up high in a tree.

Follow Abby on Twitter and Tumblr

Spring 2012 Men’s Trends : The Fashion Forward Male


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To my readers who happen to be Men ,  (a demographic i would like to appeal to more often) , I have carefully picked some items I believe are perfect for the YOU this spring.

There are so many trends flying around at the moment, that it may be hard to find where your style and the runway’s style begins and ends. No worries! Below is a combination of brain racking and 4 hours of research, picking and choosing the best of the best.

Most of my inspiration for Men’s fashion comes from my husband. He is a fashion forward male with swagger (that’s kinda why I married him!) I love watching him pick out clothes. I enjoy sitting at the coffee shop in ATL and scanning the guys “who just don’t give a ‘what’ “as they walk by wearing the clothes they picked from their laundry pile last night. Mix that with the runway and you have “real life fashion.” ‘Street Couture’ If you must.

We have two outfits or “styles” from which you can take inspiration and create a combination you love, or purchase the items that are listed.

The first Style is what I am calling the ‘Modern Mad Man’

Let’s just say right now, that a suit is no longer something you just wear to work . You wouldn’t believe how appropriate this suit would be (paired with the following accessories) to wear to any afternoon/night event including birthdays, weddings, and best of all, a date. It is a lightweight, perfectly tailored 2-button blazer, and a flat front, tapered skinny trouser. I would like to wear this if I could. It’s that beautiful.
Band of Outsiders Solid Skinny Tie
$125 –
You might think , “Brielle , what the hell are you thinking?” when I pair this beige tie along with the lightest blue Seersucker Suit you’ve ever seen. I am doing this! You ARE going to wear this tie with that suit. It is perfect. Keeping with the ‘Modern’ take on a Mad Men style outfit, this skinny tie is the perfect addition to whatever shirt you would wear under it . Love Love Love.

Every fashion forward male knows what a Tie Clip is. If you do not, I am sorry , but you are fired; officially. If this is the first tie clip you have seen, you’re in luck, because it is so beyond fun. Bullets, Shells, and Guns are being seen everywhere in the underground fashion scene. This trend has not been “washed” yet, but because of the witty and fun design of all things weaponry, it soon will. So wear it while you still can. Then again, most people are afraid to wear anything different from their “Fraternity” motto tie clip, you may truly be the only one on the block with this “little buddy”.
 Bamboo Shades: Now we’re talking!  Eco friendly, (as bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world) and what innovative designer would NOT think to use this material to create a wonderfully sturdy accessory? Don’t cringe at the price, as sunglasses are an essential part of your “get up” all year-long! The Dark Brown Bamboo and square frames make Ray Bans look like a thing of the past.

This watch is rockin’. Everyone will be “green with envy.”  With the monochromatic beige and browns, you will need this pop of color. As your shake hands with your buddies, slap your significant other’s bottom, or wave your hands in the air “like you just don’t care,” this sweet piece of bling will emerge and blind people, in such a pleasurable way. You will be asked a million times where you purchased that thing. Keep the secret , just tell them “I know people.”

$100 –
Nothing like a comfortable, beachy, feel like your walking in your bare feet, pair of Toms to finish the ensemble. These are Herringbone Classic Tom Style Slip-ons. If you know anything about me, my pinterest, my instagram, you would realize how much I love these shoes. I recently garment-glued mine back together. I have had them for four years and will never find my “one of a kinds” again. Get these! Even if you just wear them with jeans, Toms are so versatile : This pair will take the suit from “I’m at work” to  “yeah I wear this kind of stuff everyday.”

The Second Style is a straightforward “Street Ready” outfit

Victorinox Clipper Hooded Windbreaker
$175 –
Windbreakers? What is it 1988 again? Yes, in fact it is, but in 2012. Fashion is cyclical and we are wearing what we wore when we were teenagers, just 100x classier. White is the “color” for spring/summer . I get scared when I wear white, but a windbreaker is different. They are usually waterproof, so “gon brush your shoulders off” No worries about stains. This Hooded ‘breaker is light enough to wear throughout the next few seasons. Wear it in the beachy breeze, or around the awesome fire pit all your friends will be dancing around.

I am in love with the street artist Shepard Fairey , He is responsible for the stencil tagging of Andre the Giant lining the streets of  LA, NY, and the rest of the world. He is the brain behind ‘Obey’ the brand, and frankly, their clothing is a high fashion take on ‘street.’ Love this T-shirt sporting the stenciled     ‘Andre’ and the key word: OBEY you must and purchase this shirt,

Dockers® Dockers Slim Fit Khaki Pants
$59 –
You are either the guy who has 1 pair of jeans that have existed since middle school and despite the holes you cannot part with them, or you’re the guy who has so many pairs of jeans he can’t fit them in his closet and dresser combined! Let’s change that. Some men on the runway are wearing pastel yellows, greens, or neon purple pants, but I will not do that to you. It took me an hour to find a pair of colored khakis that were “none of the above.” Surprisingly, these Teal Slim Fits happen to be Dockers. But who can hate on such a ‘wise old sage’ of a company , they obviously know what they are doing. These pants are a must have.

Obey Obey Salty Dog Snapback Hat
$34 –
Cut and Dry. Men look good in hats. This again is an OBEY hat. The grey balances with the shirt and is a great combination with the shoes below. There is not much else to say but go ahead with your bad self.

Ben Sherman Mayfair Canvas
$105 –
Excuse me- Move aside as this hunk comes through the crowd in his so fresh and so clean, crisp , white Canvas dress-up dress-down shoes. I think I like men’s fashion as much as I do women’s because I am about to purchase these…for my hubby. “Fresh” that’s all. You want to be the ultimate Fashionisto ? Pull out your dusty Shoe Cleaning Kit (the one you used to use for your air-force ones) and keep these suckers RIGHT.
That’s about all gentlemen. I would like some feedback on what you think about these outfits and what you would wear or what you would add!!

Platform Conform


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Platform Conform

Theyskens’ theory leather platform shoes
$465 –

Chunky shoes
$139 –

ALDO suede wedge heels
$143 –

Platform wedge shoes
$88 –

The Maxi Dress for All Body Shapes


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Maxi Dresses for All Body TypesWe all adore the Maxi-Dress. It made its debut a few years ago (re-emerging from the 70’s bohemian movement) and has kept going strong each Spring and Summer season.

Most women are “afraid” to wear a Maxi. When I first discovered them, I was thinking I was too “large”, “short” , “busty” or not Skinny enough. Well let me let you in on something ladies: Anyone can wear a Maxi-Dress. Finding the Right one is the hard part.

Not to worry, I am here to help. Here are a few hand-picked Maxi’s that I am sure you will like and will fit all different body types and style preferences. Best of all , they are all under $100. Go Crazy my dears!!

Fat Face navy maxi dress
£45 –
For The Busty! – The V-Neck Reduces the heavier bust while creating the proper proportions  for the waist size by flowing “straight down” and showcases the “girls” in a beautiful way.
Chan Luu long dress$99 –
For the Tall and Thin – Strapless is always good for you. The cinched top will create the illusion of a larger but appropriate bust and the slit and the bottom will “peep” your beautiful legs.
Chiffon dress£48 –
For the those who desire the extra height– Great low “scoop” neckline (good for any size bust) and an asymmetrical bottom that will showcase your legs, elongating them without having to wear heels. Beautiful! If you are going for a statement piece that is girly, this is right Maxi for you!

Dorothy Perkins evening maxi dress$57 –

The Vintage Girl – You probably had no idea there existed a Maxi dress for the Vintage crazed. This is it. Gorgeous deep teal with a white collar, buttons, and tinny tiny pleats. How could you go wrong! For ALL Shapes.

Oasis sleeveless dress
$95 –
For the “apple bottom” – Love your curves ladies. This is the Maxi for you. We have a neckline that is cinched toward the top to draw in your bust and accentuate it along with the high neckline and button closure. The waist is drawn in to showcase your beautiful curves on the bottom while not looking disproportionate because of the balance of the perfectly tailored top.

Joe brown
$80 –
For the “Marilyn” shaped woman– Beauty has been distorted. One of the most beautiful women in all of history was Marilyn Monroe, and her best look was her size 14-16. This dress comes in sizes you wont find in unrealistic stores. While not an ankle Maxi, this is right below the knee to show off some leg. The top is a “scoop” neck and sleeveless to show some arm and some collar-bone. All the wonderful assets that help us “Marilyn” women look great! The dress is T-Shirt Material but not the clingy-jersey type. The Pattern will help to direct attention away from any midsection “dislikes” , and the dress will flow so nicely with a pair of open toed flats, or even a pair of wonderful ankle strap wedges. Wear it with confidence!!
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